Out of context phrases

“Can you just stick your head in the right hole?”

(Even funnier is when creating this, a notice popped up that this is similar to the passive aggressive work phrases.)


Somebody was not being cooperative when getting ready to get in the car.

You or Echo??? :popcorn:

Fully did not understand until this comment, and then it all came flooding back :rofl:

Looking at an umpire at a game I said “That’s an interesting ball bag.” Immediately regretted it.

A direct report of mine discovered that some policy terminations were incorrectly recorded as deaths when they were actually lapses.

I remarked “well we have to make it look like these people aren’t really dead”, which sounds pretty nefarious out of context :rofl:

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“If it wasn’t for my horse, I wouldn’t have spent that year in college.”

Maybe she got a polo pony scholarship!

“I don’t possess a mansion, a villa in France, a yacht or a string of poloponies.”




I actually considered putting a “TNWSS” in the post, but thought that would detract from my point. Oh well, I guess it detracted anyway :laughing:

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Just gonna repost this here: