Thread for silly or stupid stuff you do

So, my benchmark is about 100 calories per mile of running or walking. If you walk an extra 50 feet (15 steps) to go inside the store, and 50 back out, you’ll burn 1 pound worth of stored energy (3600 calories) in only 1,900 trips. Worth it!

During the pandemic, there were plenty of places that were locked up and crubside was the only option since they didn’t have drive-up windows.

Near me, all the grocery stores were open. Same with Target and Lowes. Those 3 satisfy about 90% of my retail spending. If we wanted to eat out, we got it delivered or I went and picked it up at their door.

Well, I’m not just walking to the store and back. I usually walked around inside it. So without a doubt more than 50 feet. Plus, how close are you parking to the store? 50 feet just over the distance from the pitching rubber to the plate on a Little League field.

And don’t forget, I was carrying a package or two back to the car, so it was a weighted walk.

grubside, imo


It would make a good physics question for energy expended.

Tommy billed him for the very actuarial work and result, though.

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Is Brother Gibb African or European?

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Blue…no, yellow.

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Last night went to bar trivia with the wife.

Saw two people from the gym that I know. Chatted a little bit and invited them to sit at our table with us. Were still going to be separate teams, the table was big enough to have adequate separation. Plus, it’s not cutthroat, just fun.

Not a problem, amirite?

What I did not include in that anecdote was that they are two women. Very, very attractive women. Dressed kinda sexy–it was warm yesterday. One is a former Victoria’s Secret model and the other a cheerleader for a professional football team. Totally cool women; I’ve know them for years from them going to my gym.

Wife was NOT amused at my choice of table company…

(Side note: we came in second to a table of young people who cheated. Paula and Kristin, my two friends, came in fourth.)


I made it up to her later, though. :wink:

You got two round trip tickets to Paris, France??? :grinning:

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For the ladies from the gym.

Invited the Chippendale dancers from your gym to come sit with you for more drinks?

I keep wanting to read @T-roy’s post . . . “off” . . .


I put together a ham and beans concoction for the Crockpot®…and then never turned the thing on…Oh well, it was for the evening meal anyway…and doesn’t need a lot of “cooking”, just “letting all the flavors come together”, but still…:duncecap:

Will there be corn bread? I grew up with ham & beans poured over corn bread, and I still make it once a year or so, good comfort food.