Thread for silly or stupid stuff you do

Yes. Corn bread is in the oven now. First time I’ve ever made it (growing up in WI/MN it was never a thing), but, it’s certainly not difficult (at least, not this recipe)…also first time I’ve ever made this bean thing…I just had some ham I wanted to use up & I’m trying to incorporate more vegetables in my life…ever since the death of the AO I hardly get any servings of @carrot.

I had no idea corn bread didn’t exist in the great white north! It’s obviously a southern dish, but I guess I sort of assumed it had reached everywhere. Also, it seems a lot of people use pinto beans, but growing up it was always navy beans and that’s what I still use.

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Not quite the great white north, but we always had cornbread with chili. In fact, I’m not sure I ever remember having cornbread with anything but chili. And chili is only a winter thing, so same with cornbread.

I’ve corrected enough people enough times when they talk over others (“just a sec, I’m listening to X right now”) that I pissed off enough that I am going to stop trying to listen to just one person at a time.

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Cornbread is rare here, and always a treat.

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I had some amazing corn bread at a restaurant in Atlanta a few years ago. So goooood!!! :yum:

You mail me some ramps and I will mail you some jalapeño cornbread!

Even though I buttered the bottom of the pan as the recipe told me to do & used a non stick pan it still stuck to the pan. :man_shrugging: Maybe I’ll use the cast iron pan next time.

What kind of “butter” did you use?

Hmm…IME grease is grease, but, fwiw, this was tub-stuff…it actually is butter but has added ingredients to make it softe.r

I’ve found far better results when I use stick butter (and NOT margarine or other fake butter stuff) for “greasing” the pan, FWIW.

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this is neither silly nor stupid. why would you stop? because you pissed off others? screw them. they get what they deserve for being arrogant windbags in the first place.

Tonight ate a whole DiGiorna pizza (w/ pepperoni) and drank a bottle of wine (zinfandel).

So full…

I thought you had awesome pizzerias by your place. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The refrigerator and the freezer. Two places.

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I do. But I was at the grocery store, and I was hungry. I called out to me from the case.

Also, I like DiGiornio pizzas. From time to time.

(I just looked on Google Maps. There are at least 27 pizza places within 4 miles of my home.)


:musical_score: :notes: Heaven…I’m in heaven :musical_note: