Thread for silly or stupid stuff you do

I had a similar thread on the AO. Except I added silly stuff, too.

This thread is to post any silly or stupid stuff you do (that you are willing to fess up to).

Like coming home from the grocery store and placing the soup cans in the fridge.

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I bought some wood to replace some of the boards on my deck and only discovered after removing the old boards and painting the new ones that I’d incorrectly measured the old boards as 5.5 x 1.5 when in fact they are 5.5 x 1 :frowning: … had to go back to get new wood, although fortunately the 5.5 x 1.5 is used for the steps, etc.

Yesterday at the gym, I set a recent PR on deadlift of 405 lbs. I was amped up afterward.

On my iPod, the song “Fat Bottomed Girls” was playing. And when it came tot he point of the song, I yelled “get on your bikes and ride!”

I got some funny looks.

I will likely have content for this thread soon (if not already).

I can confirm I did use a plastic fork to poke my hotdogs in boiling water the other day. Oddie scolded me, then watched me continue to use the same fork after being scolded, then took it away from me.

Was it that you used a plastic fork, or that you were poking hot dogs at all?

Well the fork melted, so he thought I was going to plastic poison myself or something. I was skeptical.


I didn’t video it. I’ve been hovering around 385 the past few weeks. Last week I went up to 395. Yesterday I just decided to put the 4 plates on. My back is not happy with me today.

Did it melt or merely warp. If it actually melted, you need better plastic forks.

I would think that most plasticware could withstand boiling water.

Yeah it warped obv.

I wouldn’t worry about plastic poisoning then

Or that she was boiling them?

Perfectly acceptable way to cook them, IMO

Sometimes I wanna eat like I’m your age again okay.

I ate about 6 CANADIAN kinder eggs yesterday as well (I was supposed to share them with the kids, but they don’t even really appreciate the fact that my mom is actually committing a crime sending these to me, so I will eat them and I will not feel bad).


Well now I feel bad because I just realized I have no more Kinder eggs to eat today.

I was measuring MathWoman’s van to see if a piece of furniture would fit. And I measured inside the van without considering the size of the opening. Had to rent a box van and make a second trip.

Anywho, here is the offending piece of furniture. It is pretty rad.


This is a silly or stupid thing Oddie did.

We went disc golfing today (my first time ever) and he got me lost in the woods. We came out to the road thinking we were close to the car, and some guy who offered to help us with directions was so flabbergasted about where we were and how we got there that it took him a minute to tell us that we were actually about a 1/2 mile from where we were supposed to be (and about 20 minutes away from being locked inside the park).


I pulled a similiar move a bit over 10 years ago. We bought our fishing boat in March when all the lakes were still frozen up here. Bound and determined I was putting it in water that weekend, I load the fam into the minivan and head to NC and launched in Lake Norman.

We drive up and down the lake a bit, then decide it’s time to head out. Except I cant find the launch. It’s getting late, and fam is starting to get a bit excited, so I pull into a launch and ask for directions. Turns out we’re like 5-10 miles from where we launched. I left the so and kids at that launch, a couple of good ole boys drove me back to our oriingal launch where I picked up the vehicle and trailer and then returned. My SO was pretty freaked out, being left on their own with two kids in a not-our-country and watching me drive away in a truck lol. Turned out OK though.

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I currently live near a man-made lake very similar in shape to Lake Norman…It’s like an overly-fractaled maple leaf. I could easily get lost in one of those little shoots & not know where I was.

Only the fancy race car drivers and such live on Lake Norman, or so I’ve heard.

This is my little reservoir (<10 minute drive), the park Oddie lost me in, and the nuclear power plant that will probably murder me one day:

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