RIP Queen Elizabeth II

May she rest in peace.

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Here, the Queen appreciating some cows

She reminded me of my grandma, who was also a Betty

Including his mother, I believe only 4 monarchs (English & British) were OLDER than him at the END of their reign


Not just the Brits


Walls, Scotland and Northern Ireland could switch to the Euro.


Will also have to learn new words to God Save the Queen after singing that for 70 years.

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Perhaps it’s time to switch to a gender-neutral version.

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Isn’t it just changing “Queen” to “King” and “her” to “him”?

Yes, but when you have been singing the old version for 70 years you don’t think about the words.

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I “had” to sing God Save the King in the History of the American Revolution class at university, taught by a visiting British professor, when we reached the lecture on the Declaration of Independence.

Huh? No quotes needed. He is the king. Just because he hasn’t had his coronation doesn’t make him not king. It’s not like President of the United States where you have to actually take the oath of office.

Agree but we have been trying to do that for years with little success for “O Canada”

I bet the British professor took great pleasure in making the American students sing that!

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Note the lack of quotes.

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…and the American students took great pleasure in singing it very, very badly. :slight_smile:

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Also the transition from a US President who dies in office to his or her successor must be quick without hiccups as the position has great power. In contrast, the British monarch’s power is largely symbolic.

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Earlier in the thread there was a link to a news article regarding the plans previously put in place for what happens in Britain after the demise of the Crown.

Here’s the analogue for Canada:

What? Did he think the British won the war?

I think the exercise was introduced with a statement along the lines of, “in recognition of the colonies rejecting the authority of the Crown, let us stand and sing ‘G-d Save the King’ one last time.”

It really was a good class, and I appreciated the different viewpoint brought by the professor, as well as his stereotypically dry British wit. I think it was one of my two favorite classes in college (right up there with the, essentially, “P&C 101” class in the otherwise life-focused actuarial program; I was in that class when Waco happened, and that day’s lecture began “let’s discuss why you don’t write unsprinklered frame buildings in protection class 10.”)