RIP Queen Elizabeth II

(you people)

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who are the gays behind these hats though

The Royal Gays

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Well, it seems Rachel Trevor-Morgan is the main milliner:

I loved her in the Naked Gun. She had a decent arm.


Long live the King

QE2 & Prince Philip

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In 2012? I was living there then, my mom came to visit for the jubilee also, accidentally.

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Yep! My mom & I met at Heathrow and had a two week mother-daughter trip, so I was also there with my mom!

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That was just a few weeks before one of my favorite QEII moments:


The end of an era. She was such a fixture of world politics, and she served so well. Rest in peace, Queen Elizabeth.


damn he was hot

I believe they has special gators . . .

Random Royal Family tidbit:

In Back To The Future Part II when Marty goes forward 30 years to 2015, he’s motivated by the next day’s newspaper article showing his son arrested, so he keeps the newspaper with him and refers to it several times.

One of the other headlines in the newspaper is that Queen Diana’s visit to the United States was a success. Back in the 1980s they figured that by 2015 Elizabeth would be dead, Charles would be king, and Diana would be queen.

Well how wrong they were. In actuality in 2015 Elizabeth was alive, Diana was dead, and Charles was married to Camilla.

Canadians might get a day off for the funeral


Question for the royal experts:

King Edward VIII abdicated the throne in order to marry Wallis Simpson. His younger brother George VI became King until his death at age 56 when Queen Elizabeth II assumed the throne.

If Edward VIII had maintained the throne and married Wallis, since he had Wallis never had any children, would Elizabeth still have assumed the throne, but at Edward VIII’s death?

Yes, provided Edward’s brother died before him.

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I hear he made a speech too