RIP thread

RIP Rick Reed (creator of the Swift Boat ads against John Kerry).

RIP Gorby

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Peter Straub. The only thing I read by him was The Talisman that he co-wrote with Stephen King. I seem to recall they alternated chapters and it had a real choppy feel because of it.

See also RIP Queen Elizabeth II - #58 by Maphistos_Sidekick

Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes - 30 - car crash in Honduras.

Woops - should have checked the date. This was 20 years ago. She’s still dead.

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Jean Luc Goddard- French Director

I believe I have seen 25 of his films

I probably haven’t seen 25 of his films but have enjoyed many of them. There was a cinema just a few blocks from where I lived in the 1970’s that showed only art house movies and I spent many a pleasant evening watching Godard movies there.


I’ve seen around 10 of Godard’s films. Definitely a huge fan. Not your ordinary director for sure. I need to watch Alphaville again. Loved it the first time.


Marsha Hunt.

Oh, never heard of her? Thanks Commie hunters!

Interesting turning point:

Joining the board of the Screen Actors Guild in 1946, Hunt, who had never been politically active, soon riled conservative board members. When a set decorators’ strike disrupted Warner Brothers, she urged them to quit speculating about alleged communist agitators and focus instead on the workers’ grievances.

“As I spoke, I could see elbows nudging, glances exchanged, as if to say, ‘She must be one!’,” she said in an interview published in “Tender Comrades: A Backstory of the Hollywood Blacklist” (1997).

When the House Un-American Activities Committee held hearings in 1947 on the political activities of 19 screenwriters and directors, Hunt was among the Hollywood celebrities who chartered a plane and flew to Washington in protest.

When they returned, some of the stars, including Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, backpedaled, calling their involvement ill-advised.

But Hunt and her husband, screenwriter Robert Presnell Jr., offered no such apologies.

In June 1950, “Red Channels” denounced 68 actors, 44 writers, 28 musicians, 18 directors, 11 commentators, three announcers, a music critic, a lawyer and an accountant for their alleged communist leanings. They included such celebrated figures as Pete Seeger, Dorothy Parker, Edward G. Robinson, Orson Welles, Edward R. Murrow, Lena Horne and Arthur Miller.

Hunt was listed between writer Langston Hughes and director Leo Hurwitz. She was cited for six allegedly unpatriotic actions, including giving an anti-censorship speech and signing a petition asking that the Supreme Court decide whether noted screenplay writers Dalton Trumbo and John Howard Lawson were rightly convicted of contempt for refusing to tell HUAC whether they were communists.

“And yes indeed, I had been there, I had done that, I had said this or signed something, all of them things I believed in and was amazed to discover they were considered subversive in some way,” Hunt told NPR.

Imagine, signing a petition, peacefully protesting, giving an anti-censorship speech being “Unamerican.” Guess it all depends on who is allowed to define “American.”


Sort of the original MAGA folks . . . (not to derail the thread . . . but . . .)

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Pour one out. Loved the two buck chuck. Sometimes it was actually really good, sometimes it was quite garbage. It was like wine roulette.

Yeah, no.
I taste wine, I don’t drink it.
But, if I like it what I taste, I taste a lot of it.

Louise Fletcher, best known as Nurse Ratched

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RIP Coolio


RIP Coolio, who through his work inspired many great hits, such as this one:

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Coolio was pretty incensed about that, as I recall. Didn’t he take Weird Al to court?