RIP Queen Elizabeth II

makes a great series finale for The Crown


Am flying to London on September 17 so will be part of the mob that lines the streets for ER’s funeral procession a few days later.

My oldest daughter arrived in London the day of Princess Diana’s funeral 25 years ago so our family will have accidentally caught two royal funerals in London.


Well he’s been the heir apparent for the full 70+ reign of his mother.

There’s been a sentiment of Republicanism at times and he’s not super popular, and I believe his marriage and simultaneous status as head of the Church of England is problematic.

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I read that he might change it to George (one of his middle names), which is the name of his maternal grandfather George VI of England and a great-grandfather on his father’s side - George I of Greece.

Truss speaking. Elizabeth’s 15th Prime Minister. (Winston Churchill was the first.)

Truss referred to Charles as King Charles III, so I guess that’s it for his regnal name: Charles. (As I suspected.)

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what does the king do anyway? Even if they eliminate the position, he’ll still be “king” for all intents and purposes

in fact, you can say he’s “king” now (with the quotes)

Yep, it does sound like Charles is the official name. They probably checked with him before her speech.

I was accidentally there for the Diamond Jubilee. Going over Memorial Day weekend seemed so smart at the time… a holiday for me so one less vacation day, while not a holiday in England.

Oops, the whole country got an extra 2 days off for the Jubilee. :woman_facepalming:

From Wikipedia:

That doesn’t include the English, rather than British, monarchs, which also includes a few short ass reigns.



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She seemed nice.

Have seen some articles claiming Britain is about to fall apart, that seems extreme given that she had few official duties. Was more a very fancy diplomat with a few formal and a few theoretical powers. However, still sad for her family and Britain.

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OK, now it’s the top story on my Google News

Harold II
5 January 1066 14 October 1066 282 282 days
Edmund II 23 April 1016 30 November 1016 221 221 days
Matilda (disputed) 7 April 1141 1 November 1141 208 208 days
Edward V 9 April 1483 26 June 1483 78 78 days
Edgar II 15 October 1066 17 December 1066 63 63 days
Sweyn Forkbeard 25 December 1013 3 February 1014 40 40 days
Ælfweard 17 July 924 2 August 924 16 16 days
Jane (disputed) 10 July 1553 19 July 1553 9 9 days

Here’s some of those short-ass ones. The shortest since William the Conqueror (if we exclude Jane), is the 12 year old Edward V (one of the princes in the tower), who was purportedly murdered by his uncle, Richard III.

tell it to Betty White


I did hear a few comments before the announcement observing that sentiment towards the monarchy in Scotland is quite a bit lower than “south of the border”, although the Scots did have a high opinion of the Queen despite that.

There’s also been speculation over the years that several Commonwealth countries might choose to become republics after the Queen’s passing. I don’t think that would be a significant change, at least as day-to-day life goes, if that happened.

Huzzah to old Betty, who had the best hats and did service in WWII on her home front.

And boo to the rest of you messing up a perfectly good RIP thread.

But back to Betty and her hats.


Yeah, that seems likely.

They are talking (on CNN) about the fact that they’ll need new currency. I hadn’t thought about that.

“And now for our viewers who are hard of hearing…”

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