GoA Sheep Game v2

Welcome to the GoA Sheep Game v2. This game was started by vividox(?) on the AO quite a few years ago. Remnants and variants of it exist around the world wide web.

The inaugural GoA Sheep Game can be found here, in case you’re interested.

The game is simple. I will ask 20 questions. You will send to me, in a properly-formatted PM or email, your answers/replies to these questions/requests-for-info. Your goal is to match the replies of your fellow competitors. You will earn points for the number of answers that match yours, with the exception of the last question which will be based on the results of your RPS throw.

Here’s an example

Question - Name a fruit
Participant; Answer
Jables; apple
carrot; banana
42; apple
Polly Nomial; apple
Listeria; orange
Gandalf; orange
Browncoat; Jables

Answer; score
apple; 3
orange; 2
banana; 1
Jables; 1

Standings after round sqrt(-1):
Participant; Answer
Jables; 3
42; 3
Polly Nomial; 3
Listeria; 2
Gandalf; 2
carrot; 1
Browncoat; 1

Ties will be broken by order of entry (i.e., earlier is better).

Post two of this thread will have the questions and more information on how to submit them.

Answers are due by Monday, February 28, 2022 at 8:00 AM CT (or when I wake up that morning…whichever is later).
Expect the reveal show to start about noon CT on that same day.

Come on in and join the fun!

P.S. I’m not only the shepherd of this game, I’m also a participant sheep. My answers have already been submitted (though, I will take the last entry for purposes of the tie-breaker) and are being kept securely in Al Gore’s lock box. No tom foolery or skullduggery behavior from the host will be tolerated. Complaints may be sent to the WXYZ.

Copy/paste these questions/statements to a PM (preferred) to me or email (might get lost). Type your reply after the final semicolon.

(Use of the internet or any other external resource is perfectly cromulent for all quesitons.)

Q1; Expensive type of car;
Q2; Something you would find at a county fair;
Q3; Popular television show;
Q4; A movie title with the word “Love” in it;
Q5; Something you eat during the summer;
Q6; Song with a person’s name in the title;
Q7; Something you might see up in the sky;
Q8; Famous person who has red hair;
Q9; City that start with the letter “C”;
Q10; A sport without a ball involved;
Q11; What is the % Battery Charge on your phone right now;
Q12; Name something that can be won.;
Q13; Name a word other than “to” that ends in “to”.;
Q14; Name a sound an animal makes.;
Q15; Name a type of weather.;
Q16; Word ______;
Q17; _____ money.;
Q18; Extra ________.;
Q19; Name a female tennis player, past or present.;
Q20; Rock, Paper, or Scissors? (Score will be based upon the number of sheep that your throw beats.);

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If you enjoyed that last question, be sure to check out GoA’s very own RPS tournament.

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Is this somehow to be played in conjunction with the Time Wars game?


One can also quote these into a PM as well.

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Typewriter with a piece of carbon paper between two sheets of paper, carrier pigeon, & singing telegram are also acceptable.

Don’t worry, you’ll be out of that game soon enough :grimacing:

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We’ll see about that


I have a feeling these answers are going to have a larger distribution than last time… :sheep:

The nice thing about GoA’s pms is that, after I’ve read & processed it, I can give you a :heart: so that you know I have done so.

If your pm doesn’t get one within a reasonable time, you might need to get worried that your entry is at the bottom of Cliff Claven’s mail bag.


Just don’t reply all to numbers dude invitation pm!

At least I know I’m getting some points :tfh:

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Too late for that!

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At this rate we’re all going to submit the same answers…

too late for me, I already submitted mine. :thinking:

Hmmm I wasn’t on that pm invite thread (I also submitted within 30 minutes of the original post)

I saw one set of answers lol but I had already submitted mine so no harm no foul

I saw 2 I think, but deleted them without reading them.

I’d submitted prior to seeing it.

Admins can see . . . things . . .