GoA Sheep Game

Welcome to the inaugural GoA Sheep Game. This game was started by vividox(?) on the AO quite a few years ago. Remnants and variants of it exist around the world wide web.

The game is simple. I will ask 20 questions. You will send to me, in a properly-formatted PM or email, your answers/replies to these questions/requests-for-info. Your goal is to match the replies of your fellow competitors. You will earn points for the number of answers that match yours.

Here’s an example:
Question - Name a fruit
Participant; Answer
Jables; apple
carrot; banana
42; apple
Polly Nomial; apple
Listeria; orange
Gandalf; orange
Browncoat; Jables

Answer; score
apple; 3
orange; 2
banana; 1
Jables; 1

Standings after round sqrt(-1):
Participant; Answer
Jables; 3
42; 3
Polly Nomial; 3
Listeria; 2
Gandalf; 2
carrot; 1
Browncoat; 1

Ties will be broken by order of entry (i.e., earlier is better).

Post two of this thread will have the questions and more information on how to submit them.

Answers are due by Friday, May 7, 2021 at 8:00 AM CDT.
Expect the reveal show to start about noon CDT on that same day.

Come on in and join the fun!

P.S. I’m not only the shepherd of this game, I’m also a participant sheep. My answers have already been submitted and are being kept secure in Al Gore’s lock box. No tom foolery or skullduggery behavior from the host will be tolerated. Complaints may be sent to the WXYZ.

Copy/paste these questions/statements to a PM or email. Type your reply after the final semicolon.

(Use of the internet or any other external resource is perfectly cromulent for all quesitons.)

Q01; Female sheep are called ewes. Name a protein that you would like to eat for dinner.;
Q02; Male sheep are called rams. Name a non-brass instrument found in a band.;
Q03; The process of giving birth is called lambing. What’s the first ingredient you would use to season a lamb chop.;
Q04; A group of sheep is called a flock. What is the ideal size for a group of friends get-together?;
Q05; Within only minutes, newly born lambs can stand and are walking with the flock almost immediately. What is the farthest distance you would be willing to walk to work?;
Q06; Sheep, like goats, have rectangular pupils. Besides a rectangle, name a shape.;
Q07; Sheep have an excellent sense of smell. Name a smell that brings you joy.;
Q08; There are over 1000 distinct breeds of sheep worldwide. Name a breed of sheep (List of sheep breeds - Wikipedia).;
Q09; Sheep have great memories. What was the main course you had for dinner last night?;
Q10; Sheep can self-medicate. Name a pain killer in your medicine cabinet.;
Q11; Sheep have a groove in their upper lip that divides it in half. Name a word that rhymes with groove.;
Q12; Sheep are highly social and smart animals. For the next time I’m invited to a dinner party, suggest a topic of conversation I should bring up for discussion.;
Q13; Sheep do not have teeth in their upper front jaw. How much did you get from the tooth fairy (per tooth) when you were a [strike]kid[/strike] child (I’m assuming that you were never a juvenile goat)?;
Q14; The word jersey originally meant any knitted item made from Jersey wool, especially stockings. Pick a number for your Sheep Game jersey.;
Q15; Lamb’s Wool was a drink made from apples, sugar, nutmeg and beer drunk on Twelfth Night. What drink could you go for right about now?;
Q16; Wool has been a valuable commodity across cultures and centuries. When Richard I (the Lionhearted) was captured in 1192, Cistercian monks paid their part of the ransom to the Holy Roman emperor in 50,000 sacks of wool (a year’s clip). If you were exiled to an island, and you had your choice of which island to be exiled to, which island would you choose to be exiled to?;
Q17; Merino wool is one of the most breathable fibres. How many breaths do you take per minute?;
Q18; Australia is the world’s largest producer of raw wool. Name the farthest-away from where you currently live-country that you’ve visited or would like to visit.;
Q19; Goats use the sneeze sound as an alarm. How many times did you snooze your alarm this morning?;
Q20; Sheep are emotionally complex animals. Scientific studies have shown that sheep can be pessimists and optimists. On a scale of 0-10, 0 being the worst, 10 being the best, how well do you think you’ll do in this sheep contest? (I highly suggest you answer with a whole number. Bonus Points if you’re correct.);

Hey! Hey! Hey! What are you doing!!! Don’t reply to those questions down here. They go into a PM. Posts in this thread are reserved for sheepy smack talk…and the reveal show.


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Question: Are you allowed to include multiple answers per item? The round sqrt(-1) Jables example did, but the other participants did not?

No, you are not.

I don’t know what you’re talking about. Jables’ answer was “apple” so he got three points. Browncoat, being this his first time, answered “Jables” so he got one point for that.

Do I need my intern to look into it more or is this a sufficient explanation?

It was probably a trick of the eye while reading on mobile. I thought the Jables response was apple, carrot, banana.

Got it (: Thanks!

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Ah…I understand the confusion now.

carrot, may he rest in peas, is another participant in round sqrt(-1), not an answer provided by a participant to the question.

You know a very disturbing amount about sheep.


I don’t understand #16.

Choice of what? what someone else gets paid for my ransom?

I read it as which Island would you be exiled to.


Took me a couple reads to understand the question as well

Yeah, that was a tricky one to parse.

Hmm, always a challenge. Do I answer honestly, answer amusingly, or just try to pick the most popular answer?

I’ll pile on as well and say I almost messaged the mod asking what that question meant before eventually deciding on the same interpretation as the rest of you

I was also thrown by 16 but decided thinking too much was counterintuitive to being the top sheep and just answered the question, ignoring the ransom part.


If you were exiled to an island, and you had your choice of which island to be exiled to, which island would you choose to be exiled to?



but I already responded

I don’t know. Seems less clear now. Can we define an island? What exactly do you mean when you say “exiled”? Are you alone? Are you with other people? Do you get to bring 5 items with you? 5 books? 5 movies?

The newly phrased question raises so many more questions imo