Yeah, I said it

Christine McVie was a better singer than Stevie Nicks.

RIP Christine :cry:

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Showering at night is way better than showering in the morning.

I sweat way too much when I sleep to not shower in the morning.

I like to shower at night to relax and wash my face from the day. I shower in the morning to wash my hair, usually. So many days I take at least two showers…sometimes three when it’s very cold.

The problem with showering at night is that I don’t like to go to bed with wet hair so then I either have to blow dry my hair, which is a PITA, or let it air dry, which takes forever.

So it depends on how close to bedtime it is and whether or not I can skip washing my hair.

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And actually I almost never shower at night unless I’m going out. If I don’t have anywhere to be I take a bath.

Wife always showers at night and often goes to bed with wet hair. :person_shrugging:

I often don’t get my hair wet in my evening shower, but I also don’t like to sleep with wet hair, so I understand.

I just had a nice shower and shave!! Refreshing!!! :smiling_face:

No beer, tho…


Going to the office 9-5, I always took an AM shower. It helped me wake up and face the day. Now I almost always take a late afternoon shower.

Other grooming change: I shave roughly every 3 days now. My skin likes that better.

Yeah, it depends on why I’m showering. If I can get away with not washing my hair during a night shower then I’ll stuff my hair in a shower cap.

Used to shower in the morning to help me wake up and feel refreshed until the wife made me a convert. Clean skin goes well with sleeping naked.


I used to shave every day, just part of the routine. But as I got older, my skin also prefers not doing that every day, especially during the dry winter months. So I shave about every other day now. And I got some Truefitt & Hill lotion that seems to help out.