Yeah, I said it

Or capitalize, it seems.

My fingers my choice in that regard.

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Feels like a good week to mansplain to you why you’re wrong. :ducks:

About heels, you mean? I’m not easily offended so you could. But then I would say I don’t know why women who aren’t trying to attract a man wear heels. I’ve never been into fashion at all tho, except to the extent of needing to dress appropriately for certain occasions.

Anyway, I really wouldn’t want to attract a man who expected me to wear heels bc they are dang uncomfortable. I did try them when I was younger and had to dress up for the office. And then one day I said “no more” and started wearing flats or only the lowest of heels.


I was just being a jerk, since Roe v Wade is in the news I figured mansplaining was back on the table!!! /red

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I’m never not wearing sneakers again.

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That doesn’t sound comfortable in bed. Or the shower…

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Touche’ it ruins them fast too

Better traction for shower sex?

They make water shoes specifically for that.

I like wearing heels because I’m short so it’s nice to be a little taller.

But I can’t walk on narrow heels. (OK I can, but I don’t like to.) I’m all about big fat chunky heels. You get the benefit of added height without the twisted ankles.

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Wendy’s peppermint Frosties are better than McDonald’s shamrock shakes.


Mmmmm toothpaste icecream.

Mmm, sounds good. I wonder if you could do half and half, peppermint and chocolate, that sounds even better to me.

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I considered getting both of those flavors and mixing but that requires effort not suited to the drive thru experience or dealing with someone who is suspicious of non-segregated food.

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as well as driving around for the 4 (or 8) month gap in when they are typically offered?

Separate but equal :man_shrugging:

You could also want to mix them 50/50 and your spouse wants more like 75/25, and you’d land on a three-fifths compromise.

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Good to know.