Yeah, I said it

You don’t shower more when it’s HOT out?

Nope, I just wait until the end of the day to take one shower for cleaning purposes. When I take more than one shower a day, it’s for comfort, not for cleanliness. I don’t sweat all that much, even in crazy heat, unless I’m actually exercising. Also, I don’t really spend much time outside midday.

Ideally it’s an evening shower… I want to be clean when I get in bed but I don’t want wet hair.

Respect = respect -1


When I was going into the office daily, I generally showered in the morning. I usually shower late afternoon or evening now.

I generally shower when I’m about to go out in public (not running or working, of course; gotta save that water). Or, whenever my wife tells me, as she is off work for another month or so, and her nose is quite sensitive.

By bi-weekly shower happens about half an hour before I go to bed.

Which version of biweekly are you using here? Every two weeks, or the synonym for semi-weekly?

He takes one every 2 weeks, whether he needs it or not.

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