Word of the Ring

I must have guessed luckily today.

Almost completely impossible. You had no strikes, and would have one for any letter in luckily besides C

I got a few strikes after the first couple of letters today before the words started to take form. However, that last word gave me issues. I had all but the first letter, but none of the letters left seemed to fit. I eventually put the right letter in just because I couldn’t see any of the others left possibly being a word. When that letter was correct, I thought I was going to learn a new word, but then my brain finally kicked in and I realized I was just pronouncing it wrong. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Ive never previously used two of those words in sentences before.

In sentences? I don’t think I had ever heard of two of them, though I had heard of the singular Opus

Well, that, too. They’ve also never been in my kitchen.

Unusual game today. Normally get a strike while guessing common letters rather than specific words. Here today I had 5 of a word already, then took a strike trying to complete it (still with a good bit missing on other 2 words, and it wasn’t a letter in common with them). Then eliminated 3 letters, and finished without a second strike.

I had no strikes until 5 letters left. 3 in first word and then 2 in second word. Th problem was I could think of about 10 words that the first word could be and none for the second word. Ended up guessing 3 wrong letters in a row and then solving it.