Word of the Ring

I have just soft launched my latest word game for IOS. Trying to get feedback and reports of any issues from people before fully launching. Therefore, I am reaching out to my fellow actuaries for help as you have been very helpful in the past. If you know anyone that likes word games like wordle or wheel of fortune, can you please send them the link. You can also send the link from within the app via text. Actuaries can respond here with issues/suggestions, but others can use the contact us link on the App Store page to send feedback. Thanks in advance.

Yeah…kind of fun. Thanks for posting.

:humblebrag: I’m alone at the top of the leaderboard at the moment.

Looks good. Compared to Wordle and similar, I think (after only 1 game so far) that it’s more fun to guess words than single letters. My suspicion is that the optimal strategy for this will be to guess the most common letters individually, at least until you have quite a start. The rule “Get 100 bonus points for solving the puzzle of the day on the first try”. Does that mean “before 5 strikes”? If it means “before 0 strikes” that seems impossible (and doesn’t see possible. since I have 160 points for today, which seems like 350 - 330 + 100). But if I hadn’t solved it before 5 strikes, what then? Would I somehow be able to solve it on the second try? Would “today’s puzzle” be different for my second try (if the first try failed)? It appears I cannot replay “today’s puzzle” after solving it (that’s sensible).

:swear: no longer true (and maybe not true when I posted it, but was true when I typed the sentence. I’m tied with 1695814, but why is he listed first when I did it first?)

Or am I even seeing the full leaderboard? 1695814 is listed at the top of what I see, but his rank is listed as 4, with 4 5 6 visible. So do 1 2 3 exist, and how do I see them?

Position 6 is Cross Stitch, with 150 points. Not sure how 150 is possible, unless is is try 2 with no misses on try 2 (50 * 3 - 0 * 30, with no bonus)

Yeah, at first I thought I was in second place, and then I played another puzzle and saw that I was in 4th.

I had a bug that I am waiting for the App Store to promote the latest version. It only put you on today’s leaderboard with everyone else once you won today’s game and not if you just played a random puzzle. Should be fixed by tomorrow. The leaderboard only shows the one above you and the one below you unless you are first or last at which point it shows the two above or below.

Today’s leaderboard is all the points you earn today regardless of whether it is on the daily puzzle or random puzzles.

The 100 points for solving on the first try is for getting it before 5 strikes (or 7 if you watch an ad). Since you can play the same puzzle over and over again for the daily puzzle until you get it, I wanted to prevent someone from barely losing on purpose to be able to get it on the second try with no strikes. Hence the 100 point bonus. The daily puzzle is the same for everyone. You can play it over and over until you get it, but once you get it you have to wait until tomorrow for the next one.

It’s still so unfair to be listed after than 1695814 character when I got the score first. Still my embarrassment will be visible to very few people. Hmmm. Should I edit my post so that GoActuary readers won’t know he was ahead of me?

OK, but makes leaderboard even less meaningful, IMO.

OK. Don’t expect me to watch any ads anyway. But with the bonus at only 100, if you get a 4th strike your score is higher if you take another strike before solving.

On the stats page there is not an option for solving with 0 strikes. (No I didn’t solve it with 0 strikes but I could see people getting that)

“SEXPOT”? Seriously? I’m not sayin’. I’m just sayin’. I wasn’t expecting that word.

It encourages continued play, which for an app developer is (likely) the primary goal.

Having the leaderboard scrollable would be nice to see who is above you and how many more points you need to move up. Cause you know, actuaries.

You are correct. Brain fart. Although I have probably played a couple thousand games in testing and need once got zero strikes, it definitely is possible. I will need to fix.

There is no filter on the dictionary except for it being a 6 letter word. Glad I didn’t make it 4 letter words!

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Something that wasn’t completely clear to me from the rules or from the first game I played. Could the same letter occur twice within a 6-letter word? Presumably if it does, they would have to both be revealed right away.

(Maybe the rules say that. I didn’t reread them to see.)

I don’t have a lot of room on a phone. Therefore, I chose to only put the person above and the person below. Plus you might not be as interested in keeping playing if the #1 has 10,000 points for the day as you would if the person above you has just 50 points more than you. Could make it scrollable, but if I get lucky and it takes off, you might be number #5,000 as opposed to #5. I guess I could do something like wordle and group in smaller leaderboards.

If you want to make it more difficult, you could get rid of the words on the side (1, 2, & 3) and just leave the rings…in this way, a person wouldn’t know where a word necessarily begins/ends…

scroll-able would be a fun addition, imo.