Will you get the vaccine as soon as available to you?

True, but it’s subtle

I’m not dwelling on it or anything. I just have moments. If I weren’t worrying about this I would be worrying about something else. I can just see me in 20 years, dying of something weird, and my sister saying, “I told you not to trust Bill Gates…”

That’s if I make it 20 years. I don’t really expect to.

Canada’s way behind in the vaccine, but SO and I managed to get our first shots today. SO had just called the doctor about this on the very day they found out they were getting some to dispense. We were #1 and #2 in the doctor’s office for the shot.

I’m excited. We’ll still stay locked down, but with an exception. Once everyone in my mother/sister’s household has been vaccinated, I’m going back for a weekend visit; pandemic lockdown or not.


That was the first thing that came to mind when this subject was brought up.

IFYP /pedantry

So you’re going to be discriminating between people with natural immunity vs vaccine-induced? Why?

Maybe just 2 boosters a year?

Not really. These are the first-ever RNA vaccines to be released for more than a tiny number of test cases. The theory is elegant and all that, but we don’t have any actual experience with them beyond the experience of the covid vaccines themselves. We’ve never even had a veterinary RNA vaccine before.

There’s a bunch of testing going on now with pregnant women. I just read an abstract yesterday about antibodies passing to the fetus and to breastfed babies.

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More like [ovarian] cancer joke, because cancer is also top comedy fodder.


DES injected once into your mom while you were in utero significantly increases your odds of having genital tract abnormalities, which aren’t typically noticed until you try to have kids.

I guess the results of thalidomide were noticed as soon as the kids were born…

Because I don’t want to encourage anti-social behavior, and it’s our property so we set the rules. “Natural immunity” is by all accounts more temporary and seems less likely to provide protection against future asymptomatic spread.

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So on a lark I tried this morning at 8 to see what was available for my age 16+ kids who aren’t already vaccinated. Sam’s Club nearby had openings on Tue 4/13, but only for 18+, so perhaps Moderna or J&J. A CVS about 10 miles away had openings Sat 4/10, but registration was so many parts and needed my Pharm Insurance info (I don’t have it handy). By the time I tracked it down, all (20ish) Sat slots were closed. I should have lied and said no Pharm insurance. They still had Sat 4/10 appts at one 36 miles away, so everyone in my family who is eligible is now booked.

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rookie mistake. SKIP THAT PART!

Yeah, Both Walmart and Sam’s are federal providers in AL (like CVS) and neither asked for Pharm Ins, so I was unprepared. But a Sat morning ride with my kids isn’t the worst thing. Just a little longer than I could have had, and both having an appt and it being on a weekend are good things. Downside, my elementary kid’s 1 on 1 zoom with teacher might have overheard me cursing CVS. :rofl:

ETA, high schooler just returned home and was told about Sat appt.
“Literally the one thing I asked was to schedule it on a school day! One thing !!!” :laughing:
They need to get an account and cross post to Annoyed Thoughts!


Given there are about 100 providers (yes I counted) within a 10 mile radius, 44 miles seemed like a long distance.

Notably the UK went ahead and advised against < 30 from receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine. Seems the COVID risk mitigated isn’t significant enough to outweigh risk of blood clot.


Here is an article on in from the BBC.

Blot clot risk at 4 per million, death from blood clot 1 per million. At those rates CI is large with base of 20 million persons. I also don’t think clot risk by age is well understood, but COVID risk of death is. I can understand why the health authority is saying alternatives for under 30 are a better plan.


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You, Rachel, and… how many thousands of others? :wink:

yes, they are all in the cool club now too.