Will you get the vaccine as soon as available to you?

There will be some priorities for availability, so more information may become available from earlier “actual” vaccinations before you get the chance.

Today’s Philadelphia Inquirer said

That Republican/Democrat difference surprised me. I’m in the “not right away” group, but purely because I don’t trust anything the Republicans have been saying about COVID, including vaccines."

Yes, the article goes on to talk about that, including

My wife observes, correctly, that Republicans in general are far more likely to be anti-vaxxers. She and I already have our flu vaccine this year, and we’ve gotten it every year.

I think it’s a bit disingenuous to assume that “Republican --> anti-vaxxer”. I don’t disagree with anti-vaxxers are far more likely to be Republican, and I’ve known some anti-vaxxers that are actually Independent.

And I think the bigger caution to exercise with the vaccine is the fact that different people will have different responses to it, especially in terms of protecting against COVID-19; not any different than current flu vaccines.

BTW, I’ll take the vaccine once one is available to the general public.

My post may have misrepresented by wife’s opinion about antivaxxers. She wasn’t implying that most Republicans are antivaxxers, just that a significantly higher percentage of Republicans are antivaxxers than of Democrats.

My own situation is influenced by being retired. If I had to go into an office job regularly, certainly I would take it. If employed but could still work at home almost every day, maybe not. Work at home options for those who are employed when a vaccine becomes available.

I have children who will decide for themselves. To the extent that they must work with the public, I expect they will chose the vaccine, as I would in that situation.

Not a problem.

But I think it’s worth taking some care about how some items are presented in a social media platform. Having 3% Repub and 0.5% Dem being anti-vaxxers would fit the description you presented (these are made up numbers BTW; but intended to illustrate what I believe you’re talking about), but it would still be disingenuous (at first glance) to lead off with saying “Repub are anti-vaxxers”.

I agree that most (if not all) anti-vaxxers are Repub. But I doubt that most Repub are anti-vaxxers; contrary what one might find out in Socialmedialand.

The last thing we need is to throw out troll-bait.

I’ll get it as soon as it’s approved. :slight_smile:

I’m planning on getting it once available to my age group. I’m not expecting that until Q2 2021 though.

I enjoyed a recent podcast that Alan Alda did with Anthony Fauci. I decided then before Alan said it: I’ll take it when Tony takes it. :+1:

That is not even close to reality in my experience. I would put P(Democrat | anti-vaxxer) at .7 or .75 in my experience.

I have have seen the exact opposite. more than 4 in 5 folks that I’ve met who are anti-vaxxer have a strong Republican (or conservative Libertarian) lean. There are clearly Dems out there that are anti-vaxxer too but they seem to be the minority and nearly every one that I’ve met on the Dem side who is anti-vaxxer cites the false and discredited link to autism as the reason.

As for COVID vaccine our family is planning on getting one as soon as an approved one is available and distributed through our healthcare plan.

Fortunately I know almost no anti-vaxxers. I can’t think of any. I suppose that it could be my impression that because Republicans are so wrong on so much else, that I give them a higher probability of being anti-vax.

I’m guessing that the Dem anti-vaxxers are very concentrated in your neck of the woods. :man_shrugging:t4:

I know one anti vaxxer. She has an autistic child, and has moved away from “vaccines” to “thimerisol in utero” caused his autism. But she’s still anti vaxxer, and thinks the flu vaccine exacerbates the flu.

She’s a Democrat. She’s also not a credible sample set.

It’s possible MA democrats are weird people.

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I won’t be first in line to get it. I’m full time WFH now, even after everything opens back up, I’ll be in the office maybe 1-2 days a month.

Additional anecdotal evidence for anti-vaxxers likely to be Republicans, my cousin (who has a cop for a husband, is a rabid republican as well as being super(iority)-religious) is full-on anti-vaxx, thinks big pharma is poisoning people and the gov’t is abetting them. Their poor daughter got leukemia, and I was so glad that they accepted the chemo poison to help treat it, because it’s bad enough the poor girl was born to this crazy person, she shouldn’t have to die because her mom is nuts.

Whether it’s mainly Dems/Repubs/Greens that you know who are anti-vaxxers are almost definitely going to be a function of where you live/who you know.

As for the thread topic, it really depends on the mechanism of the vaccine whether I’ll take it or not. Almost definitely, I’d be the first person in my family to get the vaccine, because I’m the safest person to try it out on.

As it is, there are certain vaccines I can’t get because of Stu & his chemo.

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I didn’t think any of the vaccines being tested in the US had live virus. But i guess i don’t understand exactly the implications of the RNA vaccines.