Will you get the vaccine as soon as available to you?

Honestly, I’ve had that thought myself, but I was thinking more like 20 years.

I know lots of antivaxxers and my sister is one and we just agree to disagree. Odd thing is she is only anti flu-vax and now anti Covid-vax. Her kids have all their vaccines that are required for school.

the mRNA vaccines are new, but the way they work seems like there should be little residual concerns. You get an injection of specific instructions, something your body already creates for other purposes. Once the mRNA has been delivered, it is destroyed. Then your body builds part of the spike protein, which are harmless themselves, but your immune system recognizes them and destroys them, so anything related to the vaccine and proteins should be gone pretty quickly.

mRNA vaccines have been tested for other viruses before COVID, so there should be some knowledge any longer term concerns.

One of my brothers is not planning on getting the vaccine for reasons unexplained. His wife is getting it. My other brother will “probably get it in a few weeks” and his wife doesn’t want it right now because she is pregnant and doesn’t want “a new vaccine that hasn’t been tested extensively on pregnant women”

I don’t think there’s anything you can inject into yourself one time that has a delayed effect of 3 or 20 years.

It’s not a parasite. It’s also just a one time injection. Even if it’s mercury you’d be okay.

Carcinogens? Assuming they can detect the protein that is created and verify the mRNA and proteins are destroyed as part of the testing.

I guess what I’m thinking of was something given to women in the 60’s or 70’s that affected their kids years later? I’m gonna have to google. I remember being asked, “Did your mother have XYZ?” when I was pregnant.

Not XYZ, DES: DES article

what can you inject just one time that will give you cancer years later?

Weren’t there people who were in downtown Manhattan on 9/11 who developed cancer years later as a result?

Dioxins? Most people have some level of them in their system, but they accumulate over time without causing acute symptoms, and eventually can cause cancer.

yeah, but I’m talking about what can you inject just one time, that will give you such a delayed side effect? You either feel the side effect within months or it doesn’t matter.

it’s not like you’re getting this vaccine every month for the rest of your life

Looks like a bunch of vaccine availability in Massachusetts just popped up.

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3pm ET is when one of the state run networks opens appointments. My experience is they’ll mostly be gone in 15 minutes or so.

Good to know. My daughter become eligible in the next wave. I’ll update her.

looked like it was gone outside of specific categories (over age 55, etc) by the time I looked.

not that i need an appointment in Massachusetts. I’m just curious about these things.

There is an awesome twitter bot called vaccinetime that live tweets when appointments are posted anywhere in MA. Might be worth a follow for her. I got an appointment within 36 hours of being eligible (ended up getting it at CVS because I kept being away from the computer when the tweets happened)

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you did get an appointment? last I saw you couldn’t. congrats. was it near you or did you have to travel to trumpland for it 100 miles away?

I did! Saturday and May 1st at CVS a couple of towns from home. Had to stay up until midnight and have my browser with everything filled out and ready to click search on the ZIP code, but it worked.


very nice. I figured you could get it done being persistent, but I double guessed myself when I saw how lacking in appointments MA really is.

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Yeah, I mean, I was kind of lucky. CVS released Tuesday-Monday appointments and in the time it took me to search a couple of local ZIP codes and choose appointments for my wife and I (<2 minutes), it was down to a couple of dozen choices. Probably slower moving in Trumpland, but I tried closer to home for the first try.

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^Dead baby joke.