Will you get the vaccine as soon as available to you?

No, the vaccine causes me to be extremely thirsty. I dont think it was just insomnia.

My sister has that same thirst side effect.

hey @colonelsmoothie once my invincible status kicks in we should get drinks.

i’m reading i’ll only be invincible for like a few months. i better take in ALL THE COVID in that time.

Back to 90% today. Not the worst side-effects from the Pfizer-branded microchips, but not the easiest.

I’m cutting it a little close with my next planned probable exposure to the plague (going to a concert in Dallas in a couple of weeks), but hopefully they’ll still be in fine form for the CAS meeting in November.

I thought 2 weeks was the perfect sweet spot for protection. Some googles say one week, but they all seem to agree that 2 is definite.

I still feel shitty, but it has only been 28 hours

I think I’m better today other than a slight sore arm if i touch it, so my reaction rankings are -

moderna classic booster = moderna bivalent booster >>J&J

i had no reaction to J&J other than a sore arm. I think the sore arm was even worse with moderna though.

overall, none of my reactions that would put me in bed were more than about a day and change.

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I’m now jabbed with the bivalent Pfizer* and the flu shot. So far so good, but we’ll see how I hold up.

1st & 2nd: original Pfizer
3rd: Moderna booster
4th: bivalent Pfizer

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After 2 Pfizer and 1 Pfizer booster, now schedule for Moderna booster Sept 28.

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Scheduled my jab for Wednesday. Will be quadruple Pfizer powered then.

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Waiting to hear back from my vaccine study to schedule my dose. My final blood draw is soon, and they would appreciate it if I can donate before I get another boost. I’ll probably stay in the study, and get boosted immediately after that blood draw.

Quad - Pfizer

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I’m looking to seek this out in front of winter season. Guessing its a single shot booster. did you have to specially request it? side effects similar to the first pf?

add: looks like CVS website states the booster brand/type when scdueling. I want to get it first week Nov in front of Thanksgiving, dec travel, xmas. So much upcoming expsoure.


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It was what was available, I would think all the boosters are now the bivalent. It will tell you where to go based on manufacturer preference. It was pretty easy to get a time right near me.

Have Jewish Holidays, work trips, family wedding, Broadway show and a river cruise all by beginning of December - so thought current timing was pretty good

yes what PatientZombie said about all boosters being that one now. I asked to make super sure when I got there.

side effects were pretty much identical to my first moderna booster.

my arm is a bit tender at the injection spot when i lie on it. very bearable

i got the vaccine in my right arm cause i always prefer laying on my left when i sleep and that was difficult when i got the first dose not realizing that and defaulting to my non-dominant arm. turns out, better to get it in the arm i don’t want to sleep on. it’s not like you can’t still use your arm.

the fatigue was pretty bad for a day though. i’ve had long bouts of mystery fatigue like this in the past year that lasted weeks to months, but thankfully the vaccine fatigue side effect was only a day.

i think i have to wait 90 days for a vaccine, right?

90 days from what?

I got my last booster late July. How long do I wait to get the new one? 4 months? 6 months? I think I will try to get Pfizer next time, given my reactions have not really decreased much with the boosters. I’ve had Moderna every time, and even though I get my shots on Saturday, I’ve never not missed at least a half day of work. Sometimes more. Tired of losing personal time to Covid.

I only had an adverse reaction to Pfizer shot 2, which resulted in a case of COVID arm that lasted weeks. I was dragging a little bit for 24 hours after Pfizer 1, but otherwise the vaccinations haven’t made me feel bad. Pfizer 3 was nothing.

I think it’s 6 months but I’m not positive.

Personally I do better on Pfizer than Moderna, but some people do better on Moderna. If you’re having strong side effects on Moderna then I think your plan to switch to Pfizer makes sense.

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