Will Smith

Is a crazy idiot with anger control problems. Discuss…

Full Clip (though I wish it went longer afterwards):

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Funny breakdown video:


I didn’t realize that his wife was a different person than the one next to him laughing and was confused.

Yeah this makes him look worse.

Should have used this as an opportunity to raise awareness on apolecia, not slap the guy. The joke wasn’t funny at all and totally tasteless, but will smith’s reaction made him look totally insane.

These are celebrities. They should be used to tasteless jokes about them and know how to handle it without looking crazy.

I’m still confused. So the person next to him laughing was not Jada Pinkett Smith and it was a totally different person?

I think it’s camera angles. The one in the same frame as Will is sitting more behind him, I think. Jada was sitting a few feet to his left. The Smiths weren’t immediately next to each other, though.

jaida is in the (full)video too. The person next to (behind) Will is young and definitely not Jada.

Jada is the one in green realizing how tasteless Chris Rock’s joke was.

Ah yes I see it now. I just assumed he was next to his wife. Yeah obviously Will thought the joke was hilarious but then had to be a buffoon because his wife didnt.

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the daggers from jada pinkett smith towards will was likely because he was laughing at her expense, and she was pissed. i doubt she wanted him to get up and slap chris rock for it. embarrassing.

I don’t think the immediate reaction is meaningful. People laugh while still processing. Also, consider that the Oscars are dumb.


love me some Jomboy. stoked that we didn’t even need lip-reading for this one.


Feels staged.

Oscars are losing relevance, no one really cares, then “out of the blue” something happens that has everyone talking about the Oscars the next day.

maybe, but this isn’t going to make me watch the oscars next year any more than i wanted to watch it this year.

if someone gets punched, i’ll catch the replay on youtube.

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doesn’t seem like it because it didn’t go anywhere.

Will Smith should be cancelled.

Drama response to go up there wordlessly and slap Chris Rock, then yell from his seat afterwards. It’d seem more genuine if Will shoved him and told him to shut up at the same time.


has will smith said anything since the incident?

i think it was real. wondering what he’ll have to say after the fact.

I’m not sure if real or staged.