Will Elon unite us?

He certainly let you know where he stands. If he can staff Tesla with people willing, fine by me. At one point in time i thought it would be cool to work at SpaceX. Then i heard of the grueling environment and changed my opinion.

Yeah, certainly looking for a certain type of worker :laughing:

I’m not going to pretend I know a lot about Aerospace engineering, but I doubt that people have a lot of the necessary equipment at home. I was an engineering student for a while in college though. There’s quite a bit of difference between what we do working in Excel, SQL, etc and likely what goes into building rockets. Much more hands on, I imagine.

I believe he said this in an internal e-mail to the senior office workers at Tesla

easy to find replacements. Lotsa boneheads are creaming to work at tesla

They under pay for the industry and have a loyalty screening before hiring. Putting fanboy status before capability does not bode well for the company.

Neither does a side acquisition of Twitter but I think Elon is basically YOLOing at this point

some fanboys might be capable

That’s a thing? Yeah, no. F that.

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yup, that just screams abuse

Link to loyalty screening?
Recent unionization media discussions have Musk claiming we would lose workers if we didn’t pay enough in today’s employee market. A 2017 article shows a table that has higher HC benefits and higher cash comp at Big 3 offset by equity award gains. Of course, no equity awards or gains are guaranteed.

He may not unite us, but he will definitely kill us for profit and ego.

Part of me thinks these misleading messages on the capabilities of self driving cars should be treated the same as if the ceo had misrepresented the efficacy of a medical drug or procedure. In other words, it’s negligence and fraud instead of “puffery.”


There is absolutely no part of me that doesn’t think that. The word autopilot has a pretty clear meaning, and Tesla’s “autopilot” feature was not at all that.

How would we treat an automaker who had a button labeled “emergency brake” that actually boosted acceleration? Would it matter that the owner’s manual explained what the “emergency brake” button is for?

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Tangent: i think that emergency brake “buttons” are not adequate in an emergency involving a complete shutdown of electronics.

:head shake: Clearly you didn’t read the owner’s manual that explains that the button labeled “emergency brake” is to be used when you want a sudden burst of acceleration.

If you need to stop quickly you’ll want to pull the lever marked “go faster”.

Well, don’t blame me when you crash!!!

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OR if you’re trying to drift.