Will Elon unite us?

Over the past years our country has gotten more and more divided, but I’m noticing an interesting phenomenon with Elon’s twitter stock purchase.

Fox News is seeing this as a good thing, and almost all the conservative comments on FoxNews are in support of this. So apparently conservatives like Elon.

But I’m also pretty sure Elon leans liberal for most of his policies and beliefs based on a few podcasts I’ve seen him on.

So could he be it? The great unifier? The leader? The IQ 500 billionaire we need but don’t deserve?

Is he really liberal or does he just pretend? His employment practices aren’t very liberal.

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No idea what his employment practices are.
What’s a successful company that has liberal employment practices? What’s a liberal employment practice?

Perhaps not racially discriminating against employees. Something that Tesla has been repeatedly accused of:


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Interesting, never heard of this before.

He doesn’t fit neatly into a Republican/Democrat bucket. More libertarian than anything.


Elon Musk believes in wealth concentration at the top with the “elites,” primarily with him. He gives lip service to liberal ideas because he likes the attention which is important to his stock holdings. The owners of Fox News believe in wealth concentration at the top with the “elites.” They give lip service to social/religious conservatives because it provides a means to their ends.
Musk wants to unite us like the Tudors wanted to unite Ireland.

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By…providing extra learning assistance for a small hourly fee?


It’s more like a Tutor convertible, which some people prefer over a 4-door sedan

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Maybe he can unite us around a significantly increased NASA budget!

Maybe he can unite Americans by finally getting his ass thrown in jail for repeatedly and blatantly violating SEC regulations, as his company comes crashing down in a massive fraud scandal.

I still fully expect this to happen to Facebook Meta.

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One thing he will surely do is make it all about himself.

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Anyone who names their kids Exa Dark Sideræl and X Æ A-12 has proven to lack a certain something I would like in a leader.


I would classify him as libertarian. Thus on social issues he often sounds liberal, but when it comes to ic issues he is going to sound conservative.

Darnit ninja’d

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Elon is Iron Man!
Queue the music (Black Sabbath - Ironman)

He was even in Iron Man (2)!

Have you lost your mind?