When did you start getting "letter grades" like A, B, etc

I wonder what 6 year old kid understand the idea of an F as a grade. Letter grades don’t generally get used until around 5th grade–where the child is around 10 or 11.

I don’t have kids, but this is a big change from when I was a kid. I know I got grades a lot earlier than 5th grade.

Yeah…back in my day, you started getting letter grades in 1st grade.

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My school district didn’t have A-F letter grades until middle school. That was in the late 70’s early 80’s.

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I know we had letter grades in elementary, I can’t recall if it started at first grade but I seem to recall getting a treat for straight As in third grade. This was mid 1980s in Kansas.

I remember that in the early years of elementary school they used a number system (I think just 1-3). I don’t remember if it switched over to regular letter grades in the later years. In Jr. High it definitely was letter grades.

That is mine too. In grade school we had numbers. 1-5. Like we couldn’t go home and see our older siblings grades and make the translation.

you all know that kids watch television and movies, right? Where people get an “F” because they failed at something, right? Just 'cause the little ones don’t earn them on their own report cards, doesn’t mean they don’t know what it means.


Do you guys understand why I don’t dissect/explain the jokes?

You guys are doing great to cement the stereotype of actuaries.


No, we don’t.


C commendable S satisfactory I improvement needed. Something like 47 categories. I remember one kid saying she got a $ for every C and got all C’s, which was almost $50, which seemed like a lot back then. I didn’t get all C’s (or paid).


Ceci n’est pas une explication.


This was how our ‘Citizenship grade’ was done, except there was also N non-satisfactory as well. N’s were about as bad as F’s in my house.

Chicago Public Schools had a grading system that I think was
E - excellent
G - good
F - fair
U - unsatisfactory
from 1st to 8th grade, then switched to A - F for high school. I have no idea why.

In grammar school (grade school, elementary school), K-6, was similar to vjvj:

O: Outstanding
S: Satisfactory
N: Needs Improvement
U: Unsatisfactory

In junior high (middle school) and high school, the traditional A-F with +'s available on B’s and C’s, -'s on A’s & B’s.

For purpose of class rank:

Honors classes were weights 1.2 x grade
Non-academic classes (shop, typing) .8 x grade

We has some odd lettering system until middle school which was 7th & 8th grade when it switched to letter grades where I grew up. I don’t recall what it exactly was but the O, S, N, U, I systems sounds vaguely familiar.

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I think we started with letter grades in 1st grade, and I’m sure it started by 3rd grade. If you got straight A’s the local baseball team gave you and a parent a free ticket and I know I took advantage of that when I was pretty young.

As soon as I transitioned to an American school system - 8th grade.