What's for Lunch?

Guacamole toast

Two cans of soup:

Italian Wedding
Chicken & wild rice

Soup was on sale, 4/$6. When that happens I stock up and leave a bunch at work. So, if I don’t feel like going out, I can just heat some up.

Salmon and rice.

leftover chana dal and rice.

Pasta with shrimp and sauce.

Salad with smoked salmon, baked apple for dessert. Looking forward to leftover steak fajita for dinner.

Making me feel like a degenerate for my White Castle lunch…

I just shlopped the pasta, sauce and shrimp into a bowl and heated it in the microwave. It’s not like I hire a nanny to travel internationally with me and the famz!! :man_shrugging: :face_with_monocle: :tophat:

probably leftover turkey soup. maybe leftover bean soup.

[strike]Leftover steak chili[/strike]

Nope. Left it home. :frowning:

So, who knows now.

(Side note: is there a way to code strikethrough text on the site?)

Just use [s] and [/s]. Like this.

I used to use quote on AO just to figure out stuff like that. I miss that “feature”.

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a roast yam and the last slice of blueberry pie. And a glass of milk.

Trader joes veggie patties, carrots and tahini

What was lying around - mashed potatoes with sausage gravy, hot dog with chili, toast with butter and raspberry jam.

Ham and cheese on a panini roll and a side of pickles. It is so sunny I am enjoying my sammich on the deck!!! :sunglasses:

Spinach bacon mushroom quiche

so far, a chunk of jarslburg. I might eat some bread, or some leftover chicken, or grab an apple. I haven’t decided, yet.

Some shrimp and rice noodle from yesterday’s takeout. :yum:

Vegan sample platter!!! :yum: