What's for Lunch?

kale gnocchi with pesto sauce

Combination pizza

What’s a “combination” pizza?

Maybe they’re called supreme? We grew up ordering it as combination. I think of it as all the meats topped with all the veggies. Generally, pepperoni, salami, sausage, bell pepper, onions, mushroom, olives.

Today it’s leftover beef stew

You can probably get it on Amazon Locker if you have the right combination. If they don’t have combination locks then the pizza will be missing key ingredients.

Leftover thai food yum yum

Chik-fil-a nuggets and a chocolate milkshake

I was lazy so just heated up some stuff from the freezer. Piece of fish and some cauliflower “tots”.

'Twas sooo tasty

Bowl of soup now and mebbe some nachos with homemade guacamole this aft as a snack!

Leftover meatloaf in a wrap, jello and chocolate chip cookie.

Was the jello and cookie in the wrap, too?

Nope, just the meatloaf, some American cheese and ketchup. Jello was not on the cookie either, just in a container.

Today will be leftover turkey pot pie. I finally used up the last of the Thanksgiving food. Well, used up or froze.

Jelly at everyone getting to eat turkey the last week when it’s been a month+ since we had thanksgiving.

Today’s challenge (not for lunch, but supper) I’m going to take a stab at making homemade gyros.

I still have some sliced turkey for sandwiches and a bag of turkey for for curry in the freezer. We probably won’t finish it until next month, as we are somewhat turkey’d out.

I tried those several years ago. Turned out all right. I don’t have a rotisserie, so just made it in a loaf pan.

My tzatziki sauce ended up being really hot though - probably too much onion.

Mmm, this is better leftover than i expected it to be. I used a new recipe for the crust, and it is tasty and also held up well.

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I made ground beef tacos last night, plus guac and salsa, so it’s taco Tuesday today.

What I wanted was salsa with jalapeno and serrano peppers, but the store didn’t have the latter. So I got one small habanero and two large jalapenos for about 3-4 cups of salsa. It’s hot, but not searing hot, and I’m digging it.

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