What's for Lunch?

My meatloaf is very good. I should make some this weekend.

For lunch I had a peanut butter sandwich with Fig jam on Dave’s bread. Still hungry so I need to find something else to eat.


I have been throwing a sliced banana onto my pb and j sandwiches. It makes them much more filling

Makes me feel healthier too


Yeah, we’re just out of bananas.

Now that song’s in my head. :disappointed:


Tomato/cucumber/feta salad and a slice of cold pizza straight outta the fridge!


Apples slices in a Pb sandwich work well too

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…and now me, too. :crazy_face:

Love Dave’s bread. Great origin story too.

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I don’t know the story. Will have to google.

No apples either. But we are heading to the store so I shall remedy the produce situation.

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Nice story in a recent issue of the Costco magazine too.

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I’ve heard of bananas in PB&J but I don’t like bananas. I never considered apple. I might try that sometime.

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Tangent: my favorite Australian slang term is figjam.

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Spring Middle Eastern (Lebanese) food festival!

Baked chicken, meat pies, spinach pies, loobia, rice, tabouli, humus and pita bread. Grape leaves for the enthusiasts, probably some pastries/cookies on way out (Kaak with dates!- horrible sounding name, delicious cookie!).

Look forward to a crosspost in Naps thread!


Mrs. Hewitt’s gf waffles with :blueberries: syrup & :bacon: …& :coffee:

Cuban sandwich. Baked, not fried, apple crumble donut.

Banh mi burgers with ground pork. I found the recipe a while ago and they are fully in the rotation now.

Avocado toast and yogurt.

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Share, please.

Yeah, we have a thread for that.

Is it the one I’ve posted in the smoking and grilling thread before?

That one is always a hit. I use a variation on this one:

For the spice averse, you can skip the Sriracha in the mayo and either skip the jalapenos completely or seed them first. For a group I let people add their own jalapenos: full strength, seeded, or skip.

I like the recipe with ground pork, but it’s also doable with ground turkey.