What did you do this weekend?

this weekend grandson’s 6th birthday

Last weekend wife bought a dress for daughter’s wedding
Went to a Peking Duck place next to dress shop with SiL & BiL we have wanted to go to for a long time
Then a French bakery for dessert
Sunday, brunch and Met Game for Mothers’ Day (no kids or mothers local)

Mother’s Day gathering with Hip_tiger_wife’s 3 daughters and their families.

Drinking with friends Friday night
Lunch with friends Saturday
Went to a soccer match Saturday night
Mothers Day dinner at our house Sunday

Friday - took boat out to make sure it’s ready for the fishing trip. Ended up catching some nice walleye and sauger
Saturday - hung out with friends and their newborn
Sunday - went back to try to catch more walleye. Only caught drum and catfish. Mowed grass and weedeat edge of pond. Had grandpas birthday party

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  • morning run
  • cut up an old fence in the backyard
  • pulled out a couple of honeysuckle plants from same backyard
    – broke a shovel in the process. literally - the metal spade is now cracked. which is surprising, I thought the wooden handle would have split before the metal did.
  • took the scrap metal from the fence (and some other stuff) to the metal recycling center. refused their generous offer of $2.00.
  • found an old Apple Store gift card with $87 still on it. I thought it was hanging around (it was a $500 prize for a contest several years ago, I bought an iPad then but didn’t need all the funds) and was able to find it and confirm that, indeed, there was still positive balance.
  • watched the end of The Bear. Excellent throughout. I literally cheered when Richie got it.


  • morning run
  • cleaned up some stick & twig piles from the backyard
  • split some of the log sections that have been sitting in the backyard for a couple of years since I took down a tree. very easy splitting now that it’s cured for long enough.
  • read through a couple of old fantasy/alternate history stories, will be polishing this week.
  • ordered a new iPad; I currently have 3, 2 iPad 2s from at least a decade ago (when kids were using them for school) and one iPad Air from about 8 years ago (see above). None of them have advanced enough OS to update anything. Yet I love the convenience of iPad versus laptop, and I used the hell out of my old Air for several years before it started ghost touching, so it’s time for an update. Plus the gift card makes it more financially attractive.
  • Read through 2023 tax filing draft (needed an extension); found 2 errors for my preparer to correct.
  • Watched the end of Living With Yourself. Not as great as I remember. Especially the end.

Dinner with family Friday night
Party Saturday afternoon + evening
Watched soccer on Sunday, then made dinner for extended family.

Mini Me was with STBX this weekend. (Only weekend in an 8 week span, although he does get her Father’s Day and I presume will actually take her unlike his last few awarded weekends.)

Friday: looked at houses in the afternoon. Got free symphony tickets from someone who couldn’t go, so grabbed a quick bite to eat & went to the symphony.

Saturday: Charity walk for a condition that BF’s best friend’s sibling has. BF’s best friend passed away several years ago… BF enjoys getting to see the family once a year at the walk. I got to meet the family for the first time. Good people. Looked at more houses in the afternoon. Netflix and chill to take my mind off decision.

Sunday: Church in the AM… Pentecost. Fun service as everything was decked out in red, kids sang a spiritual, choir sang a spiritual, red velvet birthday cake / birthday party for the church. Looked at some of the same houses again in the afternoon. Dinner out.


started with what I posted in Annoyed thoughts
But went for a nice Seafood dinner after all resolved
Drove 3 hr s to a grandson’s b’day party - six
took them out that night to Hibatchi
Breakfast and home.
Went to the beach cabana to prepare for the season

Saturday - ran. did some yard work.
took a friend to the ER for concerns relating to post-op pain (gall bladder removed 2 weeks ago). friend is not a native english speaker (speaks english better than my spanish) but also does not have insurance (and that worries me). she came home 8 hrs later with orders to rest. i left once she was taken back to be seen.
hurried to pre-prom photos. kids all want to go to a cool place for nice photos. except so do 3 other schools worth of prom kids. roads in/out are a choke point. i was running late and in traffic until a fat guy and an old lady walked past me (they were going faster). I took next parking space and ran to photos amid the logistics cluster-f. great pics of all.
parents of prom kids had a party and it was fun!

Sunday - slow run. chilled reading some stuff for a job. met with some friends who were at the saturday night event. all of us overserved ourselves and stayed up WAY too late - slow moving adults were the norm.

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Friday, went to nephew’s baseball game.
Saturday, picked up son from airport, played poker at HP, which is near LAX. Won $1200.
Sunday, had friends over. One of which was from out of town with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer and has about 12 months optimistically. Good to see her, and I’ll try to visit her soon.


Friday - Played poker (Lost $40)
Saturday - Run, set up some homebrew equiptment, date with Sharon (yoga at a Cidery)
Sunday - Brewed beer with my homebrew club

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Yard work. :slight_smile: Pulling a ton of grass from where we don’t want it to grow - by the house, in the rocks, etc.

Cleaned out the hot tub, getting out as much of the crap inside as we could. Still have to scrub jetpacks and clean the inside, but that’s not a today problem. Maybe we’ll get to it this weekend.

Got out Sunday and biked about 9 miles around town. At about 7.5 I noticed I was wearing out, decided not to go push for 10+ and end up hurting later.

Organized plans, current and future. I read David Allan’s “Getting Things Done” book a while back, I’ve decided to work on employing it some.

Little bit of genealogy stuff. I have paperwork from Mrs. H’s side, working on getting that loaded in so I can check it off as done and get back to working on my side.

HS Graduation weekend
Friday - Senior Awards Night. Daughter won a small scholarship award that we weren’t expecting. Dinner out.
Saturday - Party at our house (no one showed up early :grin: ), then Baccalaureate Mass (held at our parish for the regional HS), daughter lead the recessional song, which was a nice bookend to her cantoring at school Masses from 5th-8th grade.
Sunday - Graduation in the evening and another nice dinner out.


I’ve been dusting the bike off a lot lately, I did 9 miles on Saturday and 12 miles on Sunday. I’m hoping for some longer rides but it’s hard to carve out however many hours to do that. Maybe over the long weekend I’ll take a couple or three hours and see how I feel if I try to ride ~25 miles.

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