What did you do this weekend?

What did I do this weekend?

  • Worked on rate indications while I wait for base files for rate filings to be prepared
  • Dug through paperwork, found contact info I needed for the bonus twins to work on debt disputes
  • Made sure I had all of their POA documents in order
  • Wrote a draft letter requesting information [should go out later today]
  • Copied and scanned updates on the family tree from the lady who originally wrote the book on it
  • Argued with the multifunction machine over copying and scanning
  • Argued some more with the multifunction machine over copying and scanning
  • Started into those updates, making notes of corrections / sources that will need to be sent back. Completed 10 pages … of 258. :slight_smile:
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Obligagtory Office Space gif:


Attended the baptismal service of twin daughters of a friend, followed by a gathering for friends & family with great food at their lakeside home.


I wish my weekends were this virtuous

Mini Me was with various friends of STBX this weekend.

Friday: Girls Night Out! One of the husbands chauffeured us around so we could drink as much as we wanted, but we’re all middle aged so I’m not even sure this was really necessary as none of us got plastered. A nice gesture though, and a great time with the gals.

Saturday: Grocery shopping. Helped BF with a project on his camper… got it 80% finished before it got too dark to continue.

Sunday: Church, completion of camper project, Netflix and chill.

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Upcoming plans: 1500 miles of driving to see one bonus kid’s theater production, which will include getting the other bonus twin from their school to watch … then back to their school, then back home.

Sunday is going to be at least 12 hours in a vehicle, after including likely stops, not including any stoppages on the interstate.

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My weekends have been really boring lately.

Been raining here in the UK…like constantly.

Went to a black tie work function (we do this post-year end) and thats about it.

Not very interesting unfortunately.

This past weekend?
See if I can remember…
Comedy Show on FRI
Haircut, beer place, then wine place on SAT
Had son and his gf over for fish tacos and Mexican Train, watched a bit of The King (hockey) game on the outdoor TV with the patio heaters on.
In the past ten days, I’ve drank something with alcohol on nine of them. Probably take a break tonight.

past weekend

last part of a Disney cruise with grandaughter

then visit my dad

daughter drove down, dinner with her, grand d and bil and sil

Sunday, breakfast out with daughter and grand, Mets, Knicks on TV and a five Mile walk on board walk, and catch up on recorded shows

Next weekend, niece’s baby shower in Atlantic City. Guys are going to hang out together, naybe some golf

Tonight at Met game

Just up the beach from us in Rio.

Madonna Brings Massive Free Concert to Rio, Capping Celebration Tour https://www.nytimes.com/2024/05/05/arts/music/madonna-free-celebration-concert-rio-brazil.html?unlocked_article_code=1.pk0.Ngn1.I_Ypkh53WAHn

Big Brew Day with my homebrew club (I made a Cream Ale) - then watched the derby. Also had another dinner date.

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Dinner date with Hip_tiger_wife at Olive Garden. Then we bought tropical fish at PetCo for our new aquarium: Dalmatian mollies and zebra danios

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on purpose?

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Eh, I’d take Olive Garden over most of the similarly-priced chains. (Fridays, Applebees, Outback, Cheddars, LongHorn, etc.)

It’s not gourmet; it’s not a high-end chain, but it’s not bad.

Olive Garden or Red Lobster… the latter for the cheddar bay biscuits, of course. (Never get lobster at Red Lobster.)

Maybe hip_tiger got paid, and it was time to spoil his baby with an upgrade.


Fancy like!

We go out to dinner together every Friday night. This week it’s Hip_tiger_wife’s turn to choose the place. :smiley:

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Sounds bougie. Did you take her in your pickup truck too?

Squeaky squeakin all the way home?

Past weekend: down to Illinois for a few days to help one bonus kid with a couple things and plot out strategies for stuff, and to see a grade school concert for one of my best friend’s daughters.

Now back home safely, unloaded, and

taking my time to poop.


WOW. Between my three kids and nieces, would not happily be going to a friend’s kid’s concert

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