What did you do this weekend?

Saw comic Dusty Slay Saturday night, great show. Four comics total with DS as headliner.

He has a Netflix special. The Saturday show was all new material.

Tulip tours in Skagit County (WA) with Hip_tiger_wife’s sisters & their husbands. :slight_smile:
(I learned that it’s pronounced “skadge-it.”)

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So, had around 30 family and friends. Lamb, ribs, ham, salmon, assorted sides. It is potluck, or as some call it “covered dish,” so no, wife and i dont buy and cook all that.
Still eating leftovers.
Was cool out (mid 50s - i know that so socal), but the industrial grade heaters under the covered patio worked great.
And plenty of room for everyone else inside.


Travel to Illinois. Cousin comes in with her daughter Sunday. Potential day/evening out with friends. Eclipse viewing Monday on the farm Mrs. H grew up on and her sister now owns.


Drove four hours. Sitting in the dealership waiting room for the keys to my new truck. Inches of snow on the ground up here.

My sister and brother in law are meeting me here just before noon. It’ll be good to see them again, plus lunch at Vito’s pizza…best pizza restaurant in Bancroft!

Winterguard championships in Bowling Green KY. Will hang around another day and drive slightly north to see the eclipse, weather permitting.

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Growing up I viewed Bancroft as just a northern town with nothing to do there but I understand it has become a bit of an artist colony.

is there more than one?

I dunno, maybe. Its definitely a tourist town in the summer.

Its ok for a small northern town. Theres lots nicer places.though…goderich, gananoque, etc.

Ive also done ‘the hilly hundred’ century bike ride there a couple of times. Brutal. I was going up some huge miles long hill, pretty much standing on the pedals and someone goes by me. They said theyd been trying to catch me for miles but couldnt because it was too much downhill said they knew.theyd catch me on this.hill. Lol yeah i know im fat.


We’d stop at the Timmy’s there on the 62 on the way up to my BIL and sister’s cottage. The view from the Eagle’s Nest is not bad.

Actually plan is to do yard work but currently lounging on the couch drinking coffee.

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It’s pouring rain, so yard work is straight out. Going to make some coffee and lunch and do job work that I need to do anyways.

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Organizing in the home office, some work in the work office. Some prep for future projects. Also crappy here, so yard work is out. I’d love to start shipping crap out of the house, but Mrs. Hoffman has said that can’t happen until she can open windows because we’ll kick up a ton of dust and she’s not dealing with that in a closed-in house.

Going to meet child #3 at work in a bit so he can shower after firefighter training, go to a concert and go backstage to meet the band.

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Went to see Brett Goldstein (Roy Kent from Ted Lasso) on his stand up tour.

Can tell he’s still honing his material. But he was hilarious and very entertaining.


That trophy not take you as far as you thought?

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Noice. I had travel this week and a concert Thursday at the Uptown Theater so I knew I wouldn’t have the energy to go to that one.

Slept in late today. Watched some soccer. Going to take the dog on a long walk + frisbee now. Going out to.dinner and a soccer match later.

No plans tomorrow. Looks like it will be raining almost all day.

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Spraying bedliner in my truck. Stood up and hit the garage door opener, dropped me to my knees. Now my one ear is screwed up. I hope it eventually returns to it’s normal shape lol.


So far the only yard work has been playing with the dog. If only o could get her to dog holes where I want them.