What are you watching (bingeing) these days?

As far as I know, my kids still use my Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ accounts.

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Netflix may be using Canada as a “test case” for cracking down on multiple users. They then might adjust their approach for the US market?

I thought I had heard that they decided it was not in their best interest to do a super crack-down.

I am on the fence about continuing with Netflix. I might drop NF and pick up something else (Hulu? Apple?) for a year. I think an annual rotation is a reasonable strategy. I can come back to Netflix in a few years when they have accumulated a few years of new content.

I wonder about this. When my husband travels for work he might be signed in to Netflix from halfway around the world while I am simultaneously signed in from home. But this seems like a legit use of our Netflix account: being members of the same household & all.

How will they distinguish that stuff from sharing across households?

I know they cap the number of devices, but that still seems like it allows for mild abuse. Two small households could probably stay under the device limit without too much trouble.

Well, I assume that they can tell the IP addresses to where they are streaming to, and can associate those IP addresses with the related account information. So if one person randomly streams from the road once in a while, it might not be a big deal. If someone has a second (vacation) home and they can see that streaming from 2 different IP address rarely if ever come on the same day, then that’s not a big deal either. But if 2 IP addresses stream consistently on the same day, that reveals account sharing.

Would my husband’s iPad that he’s using on the hotel’s WiFi in Paris have the same IP address as my TV at home?

The extracts below from the email that I received from Netflix explains the approach they are taking in Canada. I now can use my home devices and my iPad and iPhone when I am travelling for their basic fee.

“Netflix is meant to be shared in one household — people who live in the same location. No matter what, we want to make sure it’s easy for you to watch Netflix when you travel, or if you visit different places.

To control how your Netflix account is used, you have some options:

Set your primary location by February 21st. Anyone who lives at your primary location can use this Netflix account.

Watch while you travel. You can still easily stream with your personal devices or log into Netflix on a new TV, like at a hotel or vacation rental.

If you want to share your account with someone who doesn’t live at your primary location, we have some new features to choose from:

Transfer a profile. Anyone on your account can transfer a profile to a new membership that they pay for.

Buy an extra member. You can share Netflix with someone who lives in a different location for $7.99/month more.”

No. Your home router has an IP address. The hotel’s router has another.

Right, so it seems like that will look like we’re sharing when we’re not. Especially if he keeps going back to the same hotels frequently. Which he does as those are the hotels his employer has contracts with.

My understanding is that as long as his device is at home and pings to your home internet network once a month, the device will be recognized as belonging to your household even when away traveling.

But I hope this doesn’t get rolled out in the US. There are too many legitimate situations (like kids in college) that aren’t covered and should be, so I might be convinced to cancel it out of principle (I really don’t use Netflix much anymore, I could certainly go without).



If they start to break balls over the subscription sharing, the subscriptions could just walk away.


That is correct for my iPad and iPhone when I travel. They are recognized to be part of my home suite of devices even when I am away so I can access Netflix.

I almost cancelled my Netflix subscription after getting their email. Instead I changed to their cheapest plan and cut off all my non-home subscribers. I would love to see how much Netflix’ Canadian revenue changes as a result of them getting tough on extra subscribers. If the revenue goes down overall, this experiment is dead in the water before it gets to the USA.


Fired Up Wealth on You-tube. Pretty colorful spokesman for his flavor of investing.

Finished You on Netflix. i don’t know. parts were exhausting. parts were good.

started S3 of Ted Lasso. one a week is brutal. What year is it? Hard for me to handle.

So we also started Shrinking on AppleTV. long story short, we are through the 9 episodes that are out on that. Enjoyed the cast. Harrison Ford seems perfect for his part/nails it. Enjoyabe show imo

So I stuck with Family Ties despite being near-ready to give up on it. Hot damn, there’s a lot of familiar faces as guest stars. Tom Hanks, Judith Light (from Who’s The Boss), River Phoenix, Crispin Glover (George McFly), Daphne Zuniga to name a few. I haven’t gotten to the Courtney Cox episodes yet but they’re coming.

But I did get to (some of) the Tracy Pollan (aka Mrs. Michael J. Fox) episodes. Wow. They obviously have great chemistry, and they met on the set of Family Ties.

Apparently the episode where their characters meet (Season 4, Episode 1) was ranked the 76th best episode in television history by TV Guide. The song that they danced to, Billy Vera’s “At This Moment”, after languishing at 79 on the Billboard Hot 100 on its initial release in 1981 subsequently went to number 1 on both the Hot 100 and Adult Contemporary lists and also made the Country and R&B charts … all because they danced to it on Family Ties. That sparked enough interest in the song for them to re-release it, and the rest is history, I guess. Michael J Fox said that in the first 10 years they were married, they couldn’t get on a dance floor without “At This Moment” being played.

It’s also the first episode where I can honestly say “yeah, I remember watching this the night it originally aired”. It ended on a cliffhanger and I definitely remember being so anxious to find out what happened the next week…

TL,DR: If you have Paramount Plus and are feeling slightly nostalgic, watch the first two episodes of Season 4 of Family Ties.

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Another random fun fact: Tracy Pollan is the sister of Michael Pollan: author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma, In Defense of Food, The Botany of Desire, and several other books. So Michael Pollan and Michael J Fox are brothers-in-law. I didn’t know that until I was reading up on Tracy Pollan.

I’ve met Michael Pollan IRL and now that I know they’re related… yeah, there definitely is a family resemblance. But I certainly hadn’t put 2 & 2 together on my own.


I greatly enjoy Michael Pollan’s books but also was unaware of the BIL connection between him and Michael J. Fox until last year. The two Michaels are a talented pair.


I think Tracy Pollan is pretty talented too and suspect that with 4 kids and her husband’s superstardom that she probably turned down roles. I think she could have been a bigger star in her own right had she chosen to go down that path.

She seems happy though, so I certainly can’t fault her life choices.

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I was a huge fan of the Canadian Michael back in his heyday and he was one of the few celebrities I would loved to have met in real life. It was great seeing him in curb your enthusiasm.

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He was a recurring character on The Good Wife, and I really enjoyed seeing him in that.

Most of his characters are good guys, but he’s a real jerk in The Good Wife (who happens to have Parkinson’s… and shamelessly uses it to manipulate people). I bet it was fun for him to be the bad guy for once. He was great but he did have you really hating his character at times.