What are you watching (bingeing) these days?

Some of my favorites right now.

Queens Gambit - Netflix - Fictional story of a chess prodigy in the 1950s & 1960s. The was orphaned at an early age, learns chess in the orphanage an rockets on from there. Apparently, many of her games are based on real tournament games. The growth of the main character is really well done.

Tad Lasso - Apple TV - Story of an American college football coach (Jason Sudekis) who is hired to coach an English Premier League football (soccer) team. He is hired with his assistant coach. He knows nothing of soccer but knows people. Also, he is just a real nice guy. This is a breakout role for Sudekis and puts on the list for an Emmy.

Mythic Quest - Apple TV - Based on a guy who built the world’s most popular video game and the team that works on maintaining and developing the game. The story probably resonates more with people who play role playing games, but it was a fun ride. The last episode shows them all in lock down due to COVID-19.

MSNBC 24/7

omg, the tv is off. WHERE IS MY REMOTE???

So, enjoying your echo chamber?

I’m bingeing teh pr0n. No commercials.

Before I get h8mail, I’m not bingeing porn. I outgrew that a long, long time ago.

no, i’m stressed out by it.

but after the election, i need to finish binging the final season of “the good place”, although not sure i’m gonna be able to move on from msnbc. we’ll see…

Could you BE watching any more shows??

Good news is that you can easily edit your title.

Not bingeing anything myself. Got tired of the six-hour documentaries that should be only one hour that my wife watches. Especially those that are more about the researcher than the subject. This format is also used by “NOVA” and “Nature” on PBS. And there was a documentary called my “My Octopus Teacher” that was 95% about the guy observing the octopus. I do not care about him. I want to learn about octopuses, not the neuroses of a human.

I don’t bing. I still google.

I discovered the BBC series “Coupling” on Hulu. Was on from 2000-2004. British series, so super short seasons… only 28 episodes (30 minutes each) over 4 seasons. It’s funny. Described as a cross between Friends and Seinfeld, but in London rather than NYC.

I’m almost finished, but will probably watch it again since it’s so short and I always pick up on stuff the second time that I missed the first time. Especially in the first season where you’re still learning who the characters are.

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Thanks, never could spell very well and missed that one. :pensive:

I just tivoed and started watching “The Listener”. A police procedural sort of like the show “Medium” from a decade ago, but not quite as good. It’s filling the dead space, though.

I’m always whingeing at spelling.

I remember seeing the old Ted Lasso minisodes from, what, seven years(?) ago when NBC started televising EPL.
Not sure if it could hold up for a whole 22 minutes, though. I don’t have AppleTV, so I’m out of luck.
Q: How do y’all keep track of things you want to watch? I mean, I have TiVo that will record series automatically, but I’m always finding reviews online, then thinking, “Yeah, I have to watch that, it’s on Prime,” but never do.
All these streaming services need to upgrade the search function imo. It’s all we ever use, since other “Recommended” stuff based on past viewed shows (which we do not want to watch) take up the whole TV screen. (Maybe I just need a qwerty remote.)

I watched some of that with my mom last week. OMG it’s awful. Even though it’s more-or-less on “my side” it felt horribly biased. And the same damn stories over and over and over again.

Lots of MST3K & RiffTrax.

W/ our new Smart TV, on top of the two MST3K/RiffTrax channels that are on PlutoTV, Stu found three others. And they’re not all playing the same material! Woot!

Stu has been watching Murdoch Mysteries. I pop in from time & time. He’s not seen all the episodes, but he’s close. They’re a lot of fun, many times. Steampunk(ish) murder mysteries in Victorian Canada.

Isn’t that what spreadsheets are for?

Either that, or adding a page to my notes in my phone.

I do that too. As we have seen recently, there can’t be enough redundancy.