What are you watching (bingeing) these days?

This is what I’ve heard yup. But I’m going to push through like a champ.

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Yeah, I thought they were worth watching once.

Finished up “Wednesday” on Netflix. Very good. Recommend, especially if you liked the macabre-quipping Wednesday from the movies. (I don’t recall if the 60’s series Wednesday was like that.)

Attack Of The Hollywood Cliche’s on Netflix.

Hosted by Rob Lowe and it was excellent. I had seen them all, but many I hadn’t particularly noticed or named yet. One example here was killing the villain with a fall from a long height. They said they use it because it takes a while and it satisfies the audience to see the villain’s face alive and realizing that they lost.

The Circle season 5

Best reality gameshow ever IMO. If you’re into reality gameshows check this one out, it’s great.

Delhi Crime (2 seasons)

Based-on- true-crime style drama on Netflix. The first season is 7 episodes and the second is 5, and they are the same characters but different cases. I think I enjoyed the first season a bit more, even if the crime itself was more disturbing. The characters are what really drives this show (as per usual), and they definitely grew on me more and more as the show progressed.

There were several interesting contrasts between the Indian justice system and our own. I could go into that topic more in-depth but it would contain mild to heavy spoilers. Also, I’ve never been to India but it was fascinating to me how the characters blend Hindi and English in conversation, oftentimes seemingly randomly…? Overall the cultural differences made the show extra enjoyable.

If you’re into mysteries/crime drama I think it’s worth a watch.

on my list

I’ll wait until it is completed

Is it predominantly non-English?

I’m not sure if/when a season 3 is coming, but the first 2 are complete. Subtitles are definitely a requirement, I’d say it’s 80% Hindi and unfollowable if you don’t speak both languages.

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I recommend The Sinner if you haven’t watched it

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Just finished Willow, what a whinny bunch of post teens. Not looking forward to season 2 if there will be one.

reminded of this I just read yesterday

First one was great…

We are going to start “The Last of Us” soon.

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Question on The Last of Us

I don’t get why the main characters and everyone in the world aren’t already infected. There are spores in the air like literally everywhere, and these people are walking around with open wounds and poking around dead bodies that are spraying spores at them

started reservation dogs S2.

Not a series, but I watched the latest Hasan Minhaj stand-up on Netflix. He jumps violently from funny to deadly serious. A bit too violent imo, but that seems to be his style.

He’s a little too dramatic too me. The way he talks is very exhausting


finished S2 of reservation dogs.

it was more serious than S1 was. (I remember S1 being kind of lighter and funny.) thought it was pretty good overall.

reservoir dogs?