What are you watching (bingeing) these days?

After finishing a bunch of seasoms, i am hitting up

Outlaws - (prime?) I really like this. The ensemble cast does a good job.

Peripheral - (prime) i read the book at least once awhile ago. It is in my genre wbeelhouse, and i think the cast is doing a great job. A bit tough to follow initially ifbyou are not familiar with the book, but by we ep 3 or so enough seems known to get a new person up to speed.

Upload S2 - (prime) not as interesting as the first season when they were world building, but still an interesting concept.

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I watched them all as well as I like the horror genre and agree they were a mixed bag. The alien one was a bit stomach churning but possibly the best episode. Overall I felt about half of them were excellent.

Add Leverage Redemption (S2) to your prime list

Of course, if you never watched Leverage, then you likely will not enjoy it.


Yup. I started watching bc Stephen Merchant & Chris Walken. It’s good all-around.

My year trial of Hulu just came to an end and the decision was made to continue paying for a while. I can’t say I’ve put it much use, personally. I think I’ve only done any binging on Only Murders In The Building and Letterkenny, although I’ve watched an episode or two of a few things that I might eventually continue. I’m getting way behind on shows and movies.

Yes! I have watched S1 of redemption, and enjoyed it. Your post made me check, and i am happy to see S2 is out (at least partially).

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Last year Hulu had a Black Friday sale to get the basic subscription for $1 a month for a year. Google says they offer this every year, but you have to be a “new subscriber.” I’ve canceled my subscription and my husband will sign up for the deal this year to get around it. Anyway, if you don’t mind ads, seems like the way to go.

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Nice, I may look for this with new Futurama coming next year.

So many of my shows this month

Just finished Dead to Me s3. Not as good as s1 and s2 but good to have closure (I think it’s the finale? But they set it up with another cliffhanger so not sure)

Currently watching 1899, from the creators of Dark, multilingual show, very cool looking and suspenseful. One (or more) of the actors is from Dark. There’s a Spanish actor from Elite. There are English actors, etc.

in queue: Elite s6. Guzmon is in 1899, incidentally.

Watched the first episode of 1899. Seems like an interesting setup. But the 7 languages does makes a show you can’t really follow casually in the background. And it seems like they took the sound tack from dark and just overlayed it in the background.

Watched first episode of “The Sex Lives of College Girls.”
The title promises a lot. The episode does not deliver. Top actresses will not be nude. Random hook-up was nude, but that was it.
Probably will not watch any more. Without looking up spoilers, my guesses:

  1. Indian chick (dot, not feather) simply creates her own blog, not needing some boys’ club’s approval (and being the paper’s sex slave) on what is humorous.
  2. Lesbian chick eventually gets “caught” and has to fess up. And no one cares as much as she thought they would.
  3. Hick chick (from Arizona, choosing a small college in Vermont?) gets some from lesbian chick’s brother, even though she is not his type, and he gets embarrassed by her presence because of it.
  4. Jock, black, senator’s daughter chick gets unfaithful married white coach fired by black senator after she is cut from the team.

Anywho, typical Mindy Kaling stuff.

Husband started watching 1899 on Netflix. About a quarter of the way through the first episode, no idea if it’s any good or not.

Edit: Weird. It’s just weird.

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Just started watching 1899 as well. I found it intriguing as I like these types of mysterious shows. Grace Slick singing White Rabbit at the end of Episode 1 was appropriate.

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I watched an episode of Fleishman Is In Trouble. I’m not even sure what it is supposed to be. Male Sex And The City? Mr Mom? How I Lost Your Mother?
I’ll not find out.

Almost done with 1899. No idea where they’re going with this. Could be a success or a flop. 50/50

Journeys sometimes have no destination……

just finished.

no comment

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I hate suspense, so I read the entire synopsis so I can keep watching this show with my husband without hating it.

I don’t think I understand it despite having read it three times now. It’s weird AF.

Let’s just say

We ain’t in 1899 anymore. And I have no idea why the setting needs to be in 1899, it has so little significance to the plot itself, assuming you got to the end reveal


If the whole thing is a simulation (like, literally everything in season 1), what’s the point of showing these “rooms” having fake background paneling. Why are they simulating a simulated background?