What are you watching (bingeing) these days?

I am currently watching The Sinner on Netflix. Bill Pullman stars as a detective who gets involved in murder cases that involve a “tortured soul”. Lots of psychological intrigue as the motivation of the murderer is slowly revealed.

There are four seasons, with one case per season. I am currently in season two, and I really love this series.


I saw the first couple of seasons too. It’s pretty good. Been meaning to catch up on the other seasons

Eric on Netflix.

One season of six episodes of about one hour each. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Set in 1980’s NYC and viscerally shows the underbelly of the city in that difficult period. Very ambitious series but great drama. Benedict Cumberbatch is awesome in the main character’s role but he is always great.

i liked the sinner. was solid

Will restart Lillehammer on Netflix, soon.

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OK, finished up “Archer.” Still holds up. Helps to know what they are parodying, and the extremely obscure references might have you down a wiki rabbit hole should you need more information.

Starting up MAS*H. Three episodes in, don’t remember too much about these.

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Outer Range got cancelled. While it’s disappointing, the first two seasons weren’t really that good IMO…

They get better and better as they go on. The cast was good to start and great by the end.

Time is a river Royal. Now I’ll never know what happened to Autumn. Though I guess I can just assume everything looped back around again?

There were a lot of uncomfortable moments to watch. I would say the part of the story I was most interested in finding out was what happened to Perry. It reminds me of playing video games, and you get a game over saying: “Time Paradox.”

Yet, it wasn’t a time paradox.

Schrödinger’s Perry

From what I remember, Perry always shows up by the end. You know: “Oh, there you are, Perry!”


Watched season 3 of The Outlaws on Amazon. Only 5 episodes. More hijinks and they wrapped everything up nicely. Bummer Christopher Walken couldn’t be more involved in season 3. He was hilarious in the first 2 seasons. He has a brief cameo, but I think he wasn’t in the main story due to the strike.

Finished Season 2 of Wrexham. It’s ok.

Prepping for the game? Should we even be rooting for these guys?

Gotta know the backstory.

Saw first ep of season 3. They got beat by a team just relegated. So, probably one of the best teams in the league.
Wondering what players they procure before first transfer deadline.

That’s this weekend!
We will have to meet up so I can walk in at the same time as the person who has my ticket, or we can try a electronic transfer?

I’ll get a text chain going with all 3 of us.

If you are going to watch Star Wars: The Acolyte, I recommend watching episode 7 first and then watch the rest in order starting at #1.

The first 6 episodes involve a very tired storytelling trope to not tell the audience what the initial set ups of the characters are. Instead, they make you watch 6 eps forcing you to not understand what the hell is going on, because episode 7 is going to be a huge flash back that explains s#!t.

Just watch #7 first, then 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 8. Don’t fall into the trap of the producers, who made us wait 2 months to understand the story because their non explaining things was their only shot at building anticipation.

These directors and editors are not Quentin Tarantino, who has the talent to tell an interesting story non-chronologically.

We watched episode #1 and had no desire to continue but thanks for the tip.