What are you watching (bingeing) these days?

I suffered through the Netflix miniseries A Man in Full starring Jeff Daniels, Diane Lane, and Tom Pelphrey
One star (*) I pretty much hated it. I wonder if anyone who suffered through to the final episode (the 6th) could possibly say anything positive about the ending.

Jeff Daniels (Dumber of Dumb and Dumber fame) is annoying with his fake southern drawl. Tom Pelphrey was bad. The ending was awful.

The only interesting thing was a subplot about a guy who gets railroaded from a parking violation that escalates into two assault charges. But the thing is that the subplot has 0% to do with the main plot. Nothing at all. That just played out like a typical David Kelly script for Boston Legal c2005.

TLDR: I hated it. I wonder if anybody has anything good to say about it and why.

saw it. saw all the seasons. did not need all of them. parts are pretty good. parts pretty annoying.

we are now ~35 episodes into 30 rock. never watched before despite having assumed I’d like it. good heavens do i find it funny.

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Watched another episode of “The Sympathizer” (HBO). Nice special effects of RDJr at a table as his four characters and another with his characters doing fun things with women in a long single-camera scene. Concerned that we have an unreliable narrator here, but I’ll press on.

Geek Girl - nothing new, covers genre that’s pretty old - geek girl becomes fashion model. Wife wanted something light and not too complicated after Outer Range and this fit the bill. Decently done for what it was but very predictable and formulaic.

Finished “The Sympathizer.” Pretty rough story. I guessed one thing, but the callback was a surprise.

Working through “Catch-22”. Needs more Catch-22, less psychological trauma.

Still watching the old NCIS but DiNozzo’s attitude towards women and the fact that he never gets called on it is really really starting to bug me. Does this decrease in later seasons?

Yes. He matured a bit, especially after Ziva left the show.

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Hacks became our nightly viewing over the past two weeks: we have watched the first two seasons. Jean Smart is great as Deborah Vance, Although billed as a comedy, I think it is also a great drama on inter-generational differences.

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I’ve also been watching “Welcome to Wrexham” (Hulu). Interesting, but sad to see how a community can get so caught up in something, and not know that the money to make a soccer team better has to come from somewhere and the owners are not an unlimited resource. In a recent episode, the owners learn that they NEED to get promoted to get more money, else they will lose money, and they will ALWAYS lose money if they never get promoted.
Meanwhile, they had to spend months trying to buy the stadium, and they will spend more money upgrading it.
And their own “Kop” cannot be used, as it is a shambles.

Still in Season One, though.

Local boy Ryan Reynolds is bringing Wrexham FC here to play the Whitecaps on July 27 as part of their promotion and fundraising. if you want to help them out financially you should come up and watch the game! I would go but scheduled for surgery that day.

They are also playing somewhere in Santa Barbara (UCSB’s stadium), a little closer to home. Also, already sold out.



Three Stars :star: :star: :star:
If you like enjoy documentaries about slow moving “train wreck” situations, check this one out.

It’s a real life documentary about the ownership (and potential change thereof) of the annual Texas Renaissance Festival held every year. It’s a bigger event than you might expect, drawing 600,000 people every year. It’s owned by a ridiculously cartoonish 85 year toxic old multi-millionaire who styles himself as “King George” [but he’s a live action Mr. Burns], and let’s just say he’s rather eccentric. There’s a power struggle between the two competing to become the eventual replacement owner: the GM who runs the day to day operations, and the other one who runs the food service operations.

ever see Knightriders?

My son in law makes chainmail jewelry and works ren fairs, I need to see if he knows about this
Is the whole thing a 3 hour miniseries or will it be going on?

It’s three 1-hour episodes. But the story is somewhat incomplete at the end, perhaps deserving of a sequel.

Or, perhaps made that way, so a sequel will be demanded.

I think we ended up getting some tickets for that. Or we have some available if anybody wants to come up for the game.


If you have an extra (or two), I’d love to partake.

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I’ll look into it and let you know. I think my friend has a bunch of extras.

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I recently finished “Unnatural”, which is a Japan-based series somewhat similar to the CSI series on TV. The name stems from the Unnatural Death Investigations unit, which performs autopsies for deaths without clear cause. Apparently there are WAY too many of these in Japan.

Much less blood and gore than any CSI episode, and a heavy focus on emotional aspects of the work. I really loved all the characters. It turns into a serial killer whodunit, which does get resolved in the last episode.

The Boys (are back in town). 5th and final season on Amazon Prime (though I think they have 1 and possibly 2 spinoffs that will continue in the future). First 3 episodes last week, then 1 a week until season finished.