What are you watching (bingeing) these days?

The children in The Righteous Gemstones are even more obnoxious than those in Succession. I expect I will tire of it soon. John Goodman is perfect as the patriarch but he is usually good in his roles.


finished it over the summer. there were parts that just really made me unhappy (how a couple of the younger characters who had promise as humans were likely doomed in their chosen futures). the fake stuff in S5 was a bit of a reach IMO (but maybe Im naive). Surprised that Hampsterdam didn’t get more discussion after it was over

Yeah, it did a good job showing some kids you were rooting for taking a wrong turn, because if you grew up in the ghetto, why wouldn’t you sell drugs? Similar on the side of the police, often well-intentioned but sometimes the line was a little fuzzy. No real heroes. So much red tape.

It wasn’t quite as iconic as Breaking Bad, but it was a great series on the whole.

started watching some Rugby World Cup. South Africa vs. Scotland, SA dominated 18-3 with speed and coordination, basically running away with the match with 12 points in the 2nd half on 2 tries and 1 conversion.

Invasion apple TV, caught up to date. Not enjoying 2nd season as much as the first but enough to stick with it and see where it goes.

The After Party apple TV - this was good fun but season 1 was much better than season 2. Season 2 was OK but not sure I’ll be interested if they do a season 3.

Shelter Amazon Prime. Based on a YA series I haven’t read. Kind of a supernatural mystery show with teens trying to solve the mystery (because of course everyone else is useless). 2 episodes in show has promise. If you were a fan of Blackwood & Co and similar shows, you’ll probably like this one.

Also caught up on What We Do In The Shadows, still the best show on “regular” TV.

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Rosario Dawson is a fantastic Ahsoka :+1:


Been bingeing The Americans for the last couple weeks. We had watched when it was on, stopped midway through the third season, decided to wait until it was over, forgot about it. We are on season five now.

The storyline in the new series is not very good though.

I am a bit disappointed there because The Mandalorian was amazing (was expecting something of similar caliber).

It is essentially a sequel to Rebels. If you haven’t watched that, it probably isn’t compelling.


I do think it’s kind of corny that Morgan turned out to be a Nightsister. I mean, how many Lasts of the Nightsisters can there be?


The Mandalorian seemed to lose its way, pun intended, in season 3.

Watching Season 2 of OMITB (you figure it out).
The After-Party is still better, though this one has some pretty good dialogue.
Martin Short is the same character he’s been nearly his whole career: the self-important but deluded show-biz guy.
Steve Martin plays the same straight guy he has since he stopped doing his genius stand-up (and “The Jerk” which has not aged well).
Selena Gomez’s voice still irritates, and she doesn’t seem to know about comedic timing at all. Gonna power through it, for my wife’s sake.

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Bluey, on Disney Plus. No, there are no toddlers in the house.


Have you gotten to the FaceTime episode yet? That one is comedy gold.

my kids aged out of disney so we hav enot watched their shows in a few years. loved good luck charlie (among others).

is bluey a good one then?


yes, my daughter (20 years old) introduced me and every episode I’ve watched I’ve enjoyed immensely. now, I don’t choose it myself, but if she’s around we’ll watch a couple and laugh.

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I’m Monkey D. Luffy and I’m going to be king of the Pirates.

Enjoyed the live action One Piece on Netflix. it was just as over the top as the anime without so much screaming. I’ve seen some of the anime but not much. My kids OTOH have watched the whole series and that’s a lot.

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Bluey is an Australian show with short episodes (like 12 mins). It’s really sweet and the characters are really relatable. Seems like both kids and adults can get different things from it so it works on many levels.

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My husband enjoys Bluey, it’s a well-done show and really shows dads in a great light.


My younger grandkids adore Bluey and I don’t mind watching it with them.

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