What are you watching (bingeing) these days?

Is anyone watching Silo on Apple? Looks interesting, but waiting until the season ends before I consider watching it.


Finished Mrs. Davis (Peacock). Fun, weird show. Not sure what they will do in a future season. Everything wrapped up pretty nicely.

The Diplomat on Netflix. Enjoying so far.

Watched the first episode and was not impressed. Felt like standard cable network drama. Too much randomness, cramming too much into one episode, unlikable and unbelievable characters, unrealistic storyline.

About 7 episodes into Beef.


3 episodes in.
Like it so far, but i am starting to get angry at people making the “wrong” decision.

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When I saw the premise, I immediately went to Kimmy Schmidt. I am going to guess that they are in the silo for reasons other than initially posited. I would love to be wrong though.

Watching China Lake starring Elizabeth Moss on Hulu. Meant to watch it ages ago and just getting around to it now.

Well…that was……something.


Yeah. Pretty much.
I still enjoyed the show, despite how utterly uncomfortable it made me at times.

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Eh, I figure if they made a TV series about actual diplomacy, no one would watch it. Which characters are likeable changes throughout the season imo.

Inventing Anna (netflix) - no idea what it is about - Emmy nominated

Was watching a bit of the Idol finale last night. That woman sang like shit. Maybe that’s the “style” these days, but Gawd how awful. Didn’t hear the others, and glad she didn’t win overall just cuz cute. Apparently she had a “story” that made judges overlook her singing ability. Turned the channel after their gushing.

Finished The Big Door Prize last night and I am not sure what happened at the end. I guess I’ll have to wait for the second season.

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Yeah show was just kind of odd. If there isn’t a 2nd season, I won’t really care. If there is one it was sort of interesting enough that I’ll give season 2 a shot.

This was the first season in years where I watched more than a few episodes. I was pretty shocked how consistently fawning the judges were over practically every performance. I don’t remember it being so much of a love-fest in the past, but maybe I’m mixing it up with a different show.

By this point of the show, they aren’t very critical anymore.

The Talent scout judges were more critical in general, pre 2017?

But, if you pay attention, like with the mumbley country dude, they were talking more about his future than his present (he was not who they expected to be here), but middle America voted out the talented Black chick for the boring country guy.

Finally up to date on Succession and Ted Lasso episodes. Hoping the Roys lose everything by the final episode but that Ted finds happiness in the end.

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Still very much this.

Looking forward to the series finale.


Good to know, I have a free trial that needs activating so I can binge the final season and any other Apple releases since my last subscription ended.