What are you reading?

That book is famous for featuring one of my favorite pieces - Janacek’s Sinfonietta. If you’re looking for a good recording I recommend Vienna philharmonic conducted by Charles Mackerras.

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I enjoyed 1Q84 but did not feel it was his best book.

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Agree. Just finishing my reread of The Brothers Karamazov and it has been a pleasure. It is slow going in the early stages but really picks up the pace with Mitya’s antics. Fascinating characters.

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Just started Hamlet. Sparknotes has a series called “No Fear Shakespeare”, which has the original text on the left and modern English translation on the right. I would be so lost without the translation.

Also picked up the Candy House from the library. Not sure what it’s about, but saw it on several “best of 2022” lists.

I finished Carrie Soto Is Back. It’s one of those books where you pretty much know how the book is going to progress from the first chapter. Carrie Soto was the world’s best tennis player and won a record 20 grand slams. To her, being the world’s best tennis player is literally everything. But 5 years after she retires because of knee surgery, another player ties her record and she decides to come back to re-take the record. Despite knowing exactly how it is going to play out, it is fairly good. That’s an especially good feat, as she’s a jerk through about 95% of the book but you are still rooting for her.

I’ll probably read The Last Thing He Told Me since the miniseries is out now and I’d rather read it before I potentially see it.

Yes! That’s what I love about this author. I need to read some of her older stuff.

Just finished rereading What’s Your Future Worth?" by Peter Neuwirth, having found it after i thought i had lost it.
Highly recommend to SpaceLobster for ideas about his capstone.

Now, off to a wedding.

Next genre up - True Crime
The one I am missing from my bookshelf and not a category I feel should be skipped
So I went to the library to get The Executioners Song
Wasn’t in, had to be ordered, could have skipped around on my list and waited for it to come in,
but… well didn’t have my list on me, so, I did a google search, then find a list I liked (Cold Blood, Helter Skelter & Executioner need to be top three)

Well everything had to be ordered, until I hit 12 on the list (I already read three above it) - then couldn’t find it as it was listed as a biography, not a true crime.

Anyway, starting The Orchid Thief - Susan Orlean

I’d thought about reading that, but having seen Adaptation, I’d guessed that, even if it was good, it would be a huge huge disappointment when compared to the movie. I"ll be interested in hearing what you think of it.

It has been over 20 years since seeing the film. From what I understand the movie wasn’t a film adaptation of the book, but a fictional film about the author working on the film adaptation of the book which generally was deemed as unadaptable

So, even if I fully remembered the movie, I don’t think it is comparable

Right. That’s why I was hesitant to read. The movie added a huge other level and I really enjoyed the way it worked. I thought just the original book might disappoint in comparison.

The Woman in the Library by Sulari Gentill.

Just started “All the President’s Men,” as it just came.
Of all the History books my Dad had (mostly from his brother, a History professor), this was not one of them. And my local library doesn’t have it. Yet.

Thank You for Listening by Julia Whelan, one of my favorite audiobook narrators. It’s a story featuring an audiobook narrator. I’m listening, of course. The author narrates.

Holy shit what crooks!

Solito byJavier Zamora

I finished The Last Thing He Told Me. It was just OK. I’m wondering how they made it a miniseries, as there really isn’t much that happens in the book.

I snagged Thank You for Listening and might listen to that.

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Finished the Book Thief this was good.

Working on concussion, have not seen the movie. The book so far is not what I expected but it’s reasonably interesting so far.

Have Stephen King’ s Bag of Bones queued up for an upcoming plane fligh.

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Finished. Worth it.

Listening half heartedly to Heartbroken by Canadian author Laura Pratt. It’s non fiction and so dang depressing. She’s an acquaintance of mine and now I don’t know how I can leave a heartfelt review.

I liked her book The Fleeting Years about life with little kids.

Just finished this.
As i suspected, a lot more happened after the election, while the movie summed it up in about two minutes.
Available for perpetual borrowing.

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