What are you reading?

Started The Violin Conspiracy by Brendan Slocum. I heard the author on a podcast recently & put it on my list. It’s gonna be a good weekend read.

it does, almost like a research paper on Orchid raising and hunting and cult like following. and boy does she like listing things

i need to rewatch the movie though

Just finished The Kite Runner.

Have not finished Violin Conspiracy but had to start The Humans by Matt Haig for book club.

The Candy House - A black mirror-esque book where every chapter is told from a different character’s viewpoint. Overall pretty entertaining but some of the stories / chapters were better than others.

Hamlet - I can see what makes Shakespeare so historically popular but not really my thing.

The Wager - Amazing true story about a 1740’s shipwreck. Eye opening to the horrors endured by sailors in the days before modern medicine.

Deep Learning for Dummies (roughly 1/3 of the way through) - Helpful in understanding what distinguishes deep learning from other types of machine learning and the basic functionality of a neural network.

The Climate Book by Greta Thurnberg (50 pages in) - Book is made up of many small articles (2-5 pages) covering lots of topics relating to the environment and climate change. Not a huge fan of her writing style tbh. Feels very emotionally charged and I would prefer a book that sticks to the facts rather than constantly telling me how to feel about them. Any recommendations on other climate books?

The Joy of Sex.
Oh, “climate.”

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This is what I’m currently listening to.

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next genre up, Action, Adventure

The Spy Who Came In From The Cold - Le Carre

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I got into Le Carre a few years ago. Good stuff! I suggest doing them in published order, as there is a trilogy (?) later on. I think that is the first. (Checks…) No, it’s the third.
Gonna check to see if the local library has “The Night Manager” which I found to be an awesome miniseries.

have already read The Night Manager

The TV series is arguably better due to Hugh Laurie.

I shamelessly made my wife & infant daughter visit Deia in Mallorca during the Pandemic so we could have lunch at Ca’s Patro March which is in the series.

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You have my attention

pretty far along in Treason’s Harbour (Aubrey & Maturin #9), when a character notes actuarial tables say his FIL should like another 6-7 years, but due to dropsy, he assumes the old man should pop off any day… but they’re treating him with digitalis, which could be dangerous at the wrong dose (DUN DUN DUN!!!)

anyway, I like random references to actuarial tables … it definitely puts a break in all the nautical terminology & spycraft


I quit halfway. Didn’t enjoy it all. Not sure it was meant to be enjoyed, but I was in an enjoying books kind of mood, so oh well.

I recommend To Be or Not To Be, by Ryan North, if you like Ryan North type jokes.

And, “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead”, by Tom Stoppard. It’s like Waiting for Godot if that was hilarious and wonderful instead of boring and depressing.


No recommendations, but it’s hilarious you picked up Thurnberg when you wanted something less emotionally charged. Lol.

I really liked the movie. How does the book compare? Is it worth a read, given I"ve seen the movie?

There’s differences, but I wouldn’t recommend it, unless you’ve forgotten it, or have someone to read it with.

…it’s not a book.


it’s a play

it’s like people thinking Shakespeare is a book. No, it’s not. They’re plays. We read them only because we can’t find performances to watch

Finished it the other day. Worth listening/reading the author’s note at the end.

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