Ways in which I still act like a kid

I mix my cereals

Do you mind if we change the thread title a bit? Make it more like “Ways in which I’m still like a kid”?

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Sometimes I just have to order the tendies out at a restaurant

mixing cereals is not a kid thing. seek help!

I eat Oreos by separating, eating the center first, then the outsides.

Mixing cereal is because of having a kid who will only eat a full bowl of one kind of cereal, so the mixed bowls are to get rid of boxes with less than a bowl amounts.

Perhaps not quite like the average kid, there are definitely things I ate as a child that I still quite like despite knowing that I probably should not.

Best example is probably chipped beef, aka shit on a shingle. Love it. I know most of you are throwing up a little bit in your mouth reading that. My mom used to make it a lot so it’s the nostalgia for me.

not a kid thing, but an asian thing.

Fried egg should always go with soy sauce.

soy sauce is just Asian salt

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with umami.

I will pick olives or mushrooms off anything I eat and throw them away/to the side


I still can’t eat carrots

So… I’ve never had an egg with soy sauce. I don’t know why, it sounds amazing. Should I use regular or dark soy for this?

I’m surprised you know what dark soy is.

Regular soy sauce is always the way to go. Dark soy is mostly used for color. Also, make sure you fry the egg with high heat. Crispy edges + soy = heaven

I’m always surprised to see fried egg on American breakfast without any condiments. Do white people just use salt and pepper? I don’t think people use ketchup for fried eggs.

salt, pepper, hot sauce

I love a fried egg as extra moisture on food. Even pancakes, then need less syrup

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I’m a man of taste and refinement. Kiss my dolphin ring, plebes.

I do often eat eggs with just S&P. But lately, I got some chili crunch and that is 11/10 on a fried egg, preferably over easy, thanks. Usually with bacon on some kind of toast.

I’ll give it a whirl with soy sauce. I do have regular and dark on hand, currently my regular is some variety of San-J. I tried the super fancy stuff that’s hand made in wooden vats in Japan and I honestly think San-J is just as good.


Also, if you make a ham egg cheese sandwich with fried egg, add soy sauce to the egg. It really makes a difference.

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I will pick the dirty, nasty, evil, vile, reprehensible, tax-cheating, wife-swapping, devil-worshipping rai-SINS out of desserts and throw that :poop: in the compost bucket!!!


cereal - no
candy - no
cookies - no
bread pudding - ok
Sweet & Sour sauce (stuffed cabbage) - yes

This about 90% of the time. Olives are the 1 food I still have an actual dislike for, but I am coming around on mushrooms.

how about a nice dirty martini