United States Presidential & Congressional Election 2024

I can think of a few emergency rush infrastructure repair/rebuild projects that were completed within the target time. A few of them were completed under budget.

Admittedly, those projects had the “advantage” of time/expense being overestimated due to the challenge, and most of the actual work was performed by contractors whose bids may have reflected any perverse incentives there may have been to overbid and pad their promised delivery dates…

Project 2025 has allegedly been hacked

Alleged log of the alleged exchange between Howell and lead Gay Furry Hacker (probably not something you want to peruse on a work machine): https://files.catbox.moe/i0tkbp.txt



The House Oversight Committee (which is led by Republicans) issued subpoenas to a few senior White House aides, to try and get more info regarding Biden’s mental fitness.
At this point, I don’t see why they’d do that. The GOP’s best chance in November is if Biden is running. Why would they want to publicly show he’s completely unfit for office and force a 25th Amendment declaration by the VP and Cabinet?
If anything, I could see the Democrats trying to force this, not the Republicans.


Huh, Heritage essentially confirmed the texts and SiegedSec has disbanded, which they claim was planned.

But where is the data from Heritage? They say they released it, but where? I’m curious how much my Dad & stepmom have contributed.

Yes, it’s like the dog who finally caught the squirrel

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Here is the the best strategy for the Democrats for the 2024 election:

Step 1: release some “new” evidence from doctors that Joe Biden has some very recent weakened mental capacity. This would give them an easy and immediate out to change the 2024 candidate. Craft the language such that Biden is competent enough to serve out his term. There might even be a positive sympathy effect.

Step 2: go on offense and challenge Trump’s mental acuity and sanity. This is difficult to do when Biden is the opposing candidate as the response would be “But Biden…”

This would unite the Democratic party as there is still plenty of time to reverse current polling. Trump has time to screw things up PLUS this would give enough voters pause and ask themselves “am I seriously going to vote for this guy (Trump)?”

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I saw an alleged link to the archive, but my curiosity level wasn’t sufficient to overcome my paranoia about the prospect of downloading large unknown files from random online locations…and accordingly it seems unwise to directly link here.

However, the link was not really hard to find, if someone with greater curiosity or lesser risk tolerances wanted it.

I’ve run a couple that were under budget. Unfortunately, not on time.

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After taking every discretionary opportunity to litigate every legal question at length before the trial could actually proceed before the election, Judge Cannon dismisses the stolen documents case.

This doesn’t change the probable eventuality that Trump will be re-charged with the same crime, which will introduce a new set of delays. If he becomes President it seems likely to me that he’ll never be charged during his tenure, and if still alive afterward he most likely will be dead not long after.

I’ve never had much hope this case would end while Trump is alive, regardless of the election outcome. Cannon seemed dedicated to making it take as long as possible before dismissal.

Trump said to announce his running mate today. Remind me, why is it not Mike Pence again?



I am actually quite interested in this announcement.

I expect the Republican Party convention will get a ratings boost due to the events of the past weekend. Not trying to start a conspiracy theory here.

He prefers VP candidates that don’t admit to losing elections?



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Little Marco apparently out.

My money is on Burgum, milk toast white Republican male who won’t overshadow the great Donanld, while pumping some of his fortune into the Presidential campaign.

Burgum out, too. Apparently the buzz is that it’s Vance.

Wikipedia already has him as the one :joy:

J. D. Vance - Wikipedia

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Well that will sew up Ohio for Trump even more than it already was.

Also, Ohio fills Senate vacancies via gubernatorial appointment until the next statewide general election. So obviously Vance only resigns his seat after the 2024 election. I don’t know if there are any statewide elections until 2026, so the seat would be a safe Republican seat for a bit as Ohio has a Republican governor. (Mike DeWine is right wing but not a total MAGA nut job though, so potentially the country gets a somewhat sane Republican Senator out of this.)

Ah, I missed that. Vance getting an extra security detail apparently. Sounds like it’s probably a done deal. But with Trump I guess you never know until he announces it, wouldn’t totally surprise me to see him name Don Jr.