Thread where actuaries diagnosis medical issues

Hey, I’m looking for the same thing for a wife!

Seriously, you are asking for concierge care. Or having friends who are doctors and can be a meical point-person for you, as long as you don’t over-ask. I have been fortunate that my kids have had the same pediatrician/practice since pre-birth, and we have an established relationship with the primary Dr. We do not see her socially, but she is very interested in seeing things through for her patients, which means being our advocate when necessary. We have crossed over into the territory where we can ask her “which doctor(s) would you recommend for X”, which sometimes applies to the adults.

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So many different way to read this line . . . I hardly know which one to pick first . . .

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I’m fortunate that my doctor isn’t reluctant to refer something to a specialist of some sort.

It might help that my insurance plan (a PPO) isn’t picky about this either.

Yes my kids had a great pediatrician. Not pre-birth but most of their childhood. I have struggled to find primary care for adults like that. I had a guy that was decent but he switched to elder care only and I was in my 40’s. And he’s older than I am so even though I’m closer to 60, I wouldn’t want to switch back to him.

Mine isn’t either. I can self refer if a specialist doesn’t require a referral. But many do.

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If you still have the relationship with the pediatrician, then pick her/his brain regarding doctors for you.


I don’t, but that’s a good thought.

Meh… I’m back to having pain that is pretty bad at times. Less than it was but yesterday was pretty rough.

At this point I’m thinking I need to figure out how to live with pain vs looking for ways to get rid of it. There is nothing that I can google that is truly effective for this type of pain for most people. I guess some find the epidural injection helpful but many do not. I suppose it was worth a try. The gabapentin is making me gain weight and I’m taking 1/4 of what many take for this pain—and it’s not even proven effective. No medication is. So no more gabapentin for me. I have 2 more weeks of PT and then I think I’m done with that. I can do the exercises at home or at the gym. And I can walk.

I have a follow up next week but I doubt he’ll have anything else to offer. I’m not in enough pain to need surgery.


I lived with severe heartburn for years i basically stopped noticing it. When the inflammation got so bad i had trouble swallowing, i saw a doctor, and was told that i had a precancerous condition and needed to treat it.

It took two days for the omeprazole to work its magic. I woke up the second morning after i took it to the sensation of “lack of pain”. The pain has become so normal that i missed it.

A have a friend who had chronic ingrown toenails that were usually infected. His doctor got him a sample of gangrene so he would know what it smells like and go to an emergency room if he got it. But otherwise, he just ignored his toe.

So yes, it is possible to get used to pain.

Yeah I’m thinking I might get back to my meditation practice. I mean, if it gets as bad as it was for about a week in February, I’ll need some kind of professional help. And I know what symptoms would make this an emergency. But as long as it hovers between 4 & 7 I think I’ll get by.


Actually he was willing to talk surgery, which surprised me. But we didn’t go there bc I have another surgery scheduled this summer. He said since the injection had some impact we could try it again, but not for 90 days. He did change up my medications a bit, and answered my questions about exercising and chairs.

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I have a red spot on the side of my neck. It’s approximately nickel sized and swollen. It doesn’t hurt or itch. It’s in the area of my lymph node, but not quite there. First noticed it today, and it looks bigger than when I first spotted it.

Insect bite? Dunno. Should I go to the doc in the box tomorrow?

If it stays same or gets bigger overnight, yes.

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Better safe than sorry, although I will say that once I took Mini Me to the ER for a really weird spot on her leg that I was worried was some kind of bite. They had absolutely no idea what it was (brought in like half the MDs in the ER to look at it) and sent us on our merry way having done precisely nothing (but of course charging us an arm & a leg for looking).

So be prepared for that likely outcome. But probably it’s if they DO recognize it that it’s problematic I suppose.

Mini Me’s thing on her leg eventually scabbed over and fell off and the skin that emerged was fine and Mini Me seems to have no lasting effects. But we still have no idea what it was.

Spot was probably about 2.5 inches in diameter.

I’d say if it persists 3 days without obviously improving, or if it gets worse, see a doctor.

Still have a roughly nickel sized red swollen spot on my neck. It did start to itch a little today. I figured it’s now day 4, so I should go see somebody. They don’t know what it is (possibly an insect bite, maybe a small cyst, unlikely to be a lymph node a small chance). They told me if it’s not better in a week I should see a Dermatologist, but they think it will go away.

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Not sure about your neck of the woods, but around here it’s hard to get in with a dermatologist. I’d start searching for appointments now. You can always cancel if it goes away.

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I booked an appointment with my ortho neuro practice (the same folks who fixed my rotator cuff and did my cervical spine surgery) two weeks out for my knee. It’s probably just runners knee and will fix itself eventually, but I want to get it looked at and maybe get some PT in. It’s fully covered by my insurance, so no harm.

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