Thread where actuaries diagnosis medical issues

No insights but good luck with that. :people_hugging:


I thought that was more in the back? This is in the front. It’s much settled from this morning, or I would probably still be at home.


Maybe? I’ve had this occur a few times in my life. It’s a super sharp pain that goes away quickly.

I recall from the last time (years ago), it somewhat felt like my ribs had been intertwined somehow and every breath was torturous for a few minutes, then it was gone. I assume it was this.

I have gotten these my whole life. When I was a teen, I would tell myself, nah, it can’t be a heart attack, I’m too young for that!

Now I think, maybe this is the big one!

It always hurts to take deep breaths for a few seconds, and then it disappears.

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My pain is on the right though. I really think I tweaked something the other day. It finally seems to be going away.

I get those occasionally. One of my kids was complaining about chest pains and i said take a really deep breath, it will hurt, then the pain will go away. Magic!

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Finally getting an epidural in a week. Crossing fingers this gets me out walking again.


And this morning I have two swollen lymph nodes—one behind my ear and one in the back of my head. They are sore and tender and a little itchy.

I’m trying to pretend they are not there bc if I am sick I can’t have my epidural Monday. 2 days without ibuprofen says I NEED it. No fever or anything, and I have an appointment with a new PCP Tuesday, so if they are still bothering me I can have her take a look.

It’s probably the allergies I supposedly don’t have.


Are you allowed to take allergy meds before the epidural?

If yes, pick up some Allegra or Claritin or Zyrtec. They’re all available over-the-counter now.

If no, try rubbing some lavender oil and tea tree oil on the lymph nodes and on the bridge of your nose. They’re not as effective as actual medication, but they’re definitely better than nothing. Those two oils are pretty common and you can probably pick them up at most drug stores although there’s a bit of buyer beware because sometimes they’re pretty diluted, which you don’t want. Or if you know someone who does Young Living or doTerra then see if they’ll spot you a few drops or make you up a roller. Either of those companies has a quality (if overpriced) product.

Put a couple drops of each in the palm of your non-dominant hand and use the index finger of your dominant hand to mix it up a little and dab onto the lymph nodes & nose. If it helps you could make up a roller which will be easier to use going forward.

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I have a hand-held shower head.

When i have swollen lymph nodes, i like to shower and aim hot water on a gentle setting directly at the affected lymph nodes. I think the heat and gentle pressure (emphasis on gentle, i don’t use the massage function) is really helpful. I gradually increase the temp. It’s kind of like a local fever. (Fever helps kill germs.) And it mechanically loosens stuff and encouraged it to flow.

If you don’t have a hand held shower head, you could try hot compresses.

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Some good ideas here and I can try them all. I even have the oils on hand.


The oils didn’t do much but either the Tylenol or allergy pill seemed to help. I took them at the same time (It’s weird if it was the allergy pill bc everything I’m reading says swollen lymph nodes aren’t caused by allergies.)

I didn’t try the shower thing bc I’d have to clean my daughter’s shower first and I wasn’t that desperate.

I noticed last night that the area is definitely rash-y. But like mosquito bite or larger red areas, not shingles like. (I still worry about shingles even after the shot.) Now I’m wondering if I’m allergic to an ingredient in a hair product I’ve been using. But again I keep reading that allergies don’t affect lymph nodes.