Thread where actuaries diagnosis medical issues

Tan from annoyed thoughts, where people are diagnosing each other. So, I’ve got one for you…

Roughly every year or so, I’m bone tired for about three days. Exhausted, can’t stay awake. Sleeping throughout the day, etc.

Comes on randomly, goes away the same. Doesn’t seem correlated to stress, and I’m not depressed.

Doctors done tests, nothing found.


don’t know, but i had the same thing for a month and a half, and doctors couldn’t diagnose me. if you find out, let me know.

What time of the year dos this happen? Summer? Winter? Swinter?

Fin de siecle ennui. :judge:


Lousy Smarch weather!!! :angry:


I recommend a brain and nerve tonic rich in proteins and electromagnetic juices.

Randomly. Summer, winter. It’s not sad, there’s no element of depression. Just exhausted



That would be my guess as well.

That or @SpaceLobster is just really, really bored.

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i thought i might have had mono with that 5–6-week bout of being lightheaded and tired, but my blood tests didn’t show elevated white blood cell count. wouldn’t it show that if you have mono?

My first thought was Depression

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Everything hurts and I’m dying. More specifically, my left tonsil is inflamed and I’m congested AF.

Booster shot or kid’s cold from last Tuesday? Or both?

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Latter or a bit of both

no other symptoms? no sinus/nasal/throat/respiratory stuff? I have sinus infections (far fewer since I started allergy shots) and they would flare up and shut me down. doctors would just shrug w “you must have some kind of virus causing that” and tell me to rest.

@Tiffany - sounds like booster if within the usual window. or both.

Mono lasts years, and comes and goes with no symptoms in between? And like AOF says, my blood was tested, nothing.
Could be sleep apnea, but I don’t want to believe that I have that.

Keep telling yourself that.
That wouldn’t explain the randomness, though. Or maybe it does, as I’m not a doctor, just a non-fan of someone show wasn’t a fan of some other doctor who wasn’t really a doctor of the treatments she was providing.

Beats me.

My dad would fall asleep while driving his car. He finally got tested & wears a cpap at night now. It’s made a world of difference in his life.

I also know that if it’s a mild-moderate case of sleep apnea, you might be able to get by wearing just an oral-appliance. It moves your lower jaw forward, thus opening the air way & reducing snoring. Side effects include sore jaw, but it’s more portable & discreet than a cpap machine…but cpap is the gold standard of treatment.

But, I wouldn’t think apnea is seasonal…but I’m also not a sleep doctor.

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