Thread where actuaries diagnosis medical issues

A low density region? Cleveland Clinic site mentions liver cysts, which are fluid filled sacs. Might require nothing but monitoring. Other possibilities too.

Yeah, that’s what I’m seeing too. Likely nothing but wise to make sure it’s nothing.

I have a weird tingling in my right leg, and I’ve had it for a few weeks. It feels a lot like the tingling I have in my right arm, from my herniated disc. So one would probably conclude that it’s from that, only the vertebrae that make a leg tingle are not the same as the ones that would make an arm tingle, and what are the odds I have two different herniated discs at the same time, given there was no injury that caused it??

So I’ve decided I probably have a DVT that will become a PE at any point. Do I have any symptoms of DVT? No. Should I just go see my doctor about this? Probably, but then I can’t be simultaneously in denial about this and also convinced I’m dying. The truth is worse than the worry. Or possibly better, but obviously in this case it will be worse.

There are a lot of things that can cause tingling in the leg. You might sit in a way that irritates a nerve. You might have some obstruction in the spine or some other joint. I think DVT is a less likely cause.

If it bothers you, see a doctor. You might be able to do some minor physical therapy to prevent it from getting worse.

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Chiropractors can often fix stuff that doctors can’t. Acupuncture works for some. Essential oils and herbs deserve some consideration, as well as improved diet. They’re all part of helpful health care.

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not gonna say I’m pouring one out for you yet, but I might have just opened it to be ready.

kidding aside, if it persists and is a worry please see a doctor.

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I have assne. Acne on my ass. I don’t understand.

Best guess, I was taking minocycline for mostly face but also chest acne but ran out recently after about a year. The doc wanted me off it eventually so I didn’t worry, just continued cleaning as normal. I do wash my ass for the record, and have started taking soak baths.

But now I have assne. Not something that can be popped, but also not quite cystic in the way you’d expect. Almost like hives. Have an appointment with a dermatologist next week about it.