Thread to post significant signals / advances by the opposite (or same) sex

Movie is tonight

Call Christie!!! You can check out girls together (NTTAWWT)!!!

Yeah, I’d translate her response as a placeholder in case something better comes up or if she doesn’t feel like going out.

Liz: Sorry I am slammed at work tonight after being gone all week ! I think I’ll end up working late tonight :disappointed:
T-: Ok

Fluff that noise!!! :-1:

I’d destroy her.
Anyone who pulls that shit on me will immediately get canceled in the gay circle. Word spreads fast

Sarah came over to help me brew beer on Saturday night (It is to hot out to brew during the day). She spent the night. Sunday as well :sunglasses:


I thought you said all sarahs are done

Liz texted me “where were you for trivia last night” (I don’t remember saying that I was going). I told her I was on a date.

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Liz can go fluff herself!!! :unamused:

With whom?

Got an email today with a link to Hot Singles in My Area! who want to meet me.

Sarah (one of them that I still hang out with)
Sara - was the one with the BFF as her Ex that she was texting whilst on a date with me - I dropped that Sara
Sarah P from Phoenix - long distance