Thread to post significant signals / advances by the opposite (or same) sex

Cause I need to learn to “get” the signal



You should all be so lucky that I post my incompetence with the love triangle here

Other nite was out late after volleyball. Drunk woman I was chatting with: “I don’t care if you are married, we can go back to my house and f—.”

Can get much more significant than that.

(Side note: I did lose that deal and did NOT take her up on the offer.)

Did you give her Bro’s number?

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Bummer part about it was she was kinda hot. Shit like that hardly happened when I was single…

duh FLICK?! Do you even see who started this thread?


But the twist was it was his wife! :rofl:


how dare you fix my typo

Sorry . . . does that make it an insignificant signal, then?

I was sitting with the Beertender Liz before a Hot Ones event that we both participated in. Talking about two movies Top Gun and Jurassic Park. I asked her to go see Top Gun tonight. She didn’t respond. Sort of felt like she didn’t want to hear me. So I’m done asking her to do anything.

How does she like Journey?



How about beertender Mar??? :popcorn:

She’s, Liz, sitting next to me at the movie theater right now.

Ao there’s a chance.


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