The tool-tool industrial complex

Dude I just purchased this Craftsman socket that came with some kind of anti theft tag on it and it was a real pain in the ass to remove. I looked up the problem and people were saying you gotta use side cutters to remove it.

But I don’t have side cutters and the only reason why I’d buy one is to remove the tag. And I bet the side cutters are enclosed in some stupid package you can’t remove without a tool.

I say Craftsman in cahoots with Craftsman to get you to buy more tools from Craftsman!

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You’re just now figuring this out?


You have an excuse to buy more tools… and you’re complaining?


I always thought tools were bought by handymen but when I ventured out to the country side there was this gigantic store that had tools in it that regular people bought so it seems like there’s actually a market for them for people who don’t use tools for a living.

Even the socket purchase was dubious it’s only because I need to tighten one bolt on something so I probably should have just hired the maintenance guy who lives in my building and paid him 5 bucks.

In the Po’, tools are a status symbol.

Not so much in terms of quantity, but how often your neighbor borrows their tool from you.

If it’s what I’m thinking of, you could stick a screwdriver in there all the way up to the handle, then just start twisting. I may take quite a few twists, but it will break eventually.

So I gotta buy a screwdriver now? Shame on you Craftsman, shame!

Key works, too, but it is way way more difficult.

did not know that you could do that with a vodka/OJ beverage

All my stuff is Dewalt cordless BTW. Not flexing, I just have nice stuff.


My wife got me a cordless DeWalt kit. 10/10. Most of my corded stuff is DeWalt as well. I just want tools that work.

Well, I even have DeWalt tool bags to keep my DeWalt tools in. Except my DeWalt lawn mower which is too big for a tool bag.

Again, not flexin, just sayin’, I know the neighbours be checkin’ me out when I’m cutting the lawn.

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The bags are nice, though I prefer my Mac tool box for storage.

That’s nice!
I just keep them on shelves in my garden sheds. I had to build a second shed though because one wasn’t enough to Hold all my tools.

I gotta admit though, your compressor is a lot bigger than mine. I’ve just got like a couple gallon one. Been thinking I should get a bigger one and mount it in the garage.

But aren’t all hammers cordless?

Electric hammer imo

More like M.C. Hammer.

use a ktichen knife, or a chinese cleaver