The tool-tool industrial complex

Or scissors, but they need to be small ones. Bigger ones will slip off.

If you want to go caveman, you can probably grind it off in a few seconds just by rubbing it on concrete.

Thanks for the warning, OP. If I buy a similar thing, I will make the store clerk remove the anti theft tag.

I’ve had that for many years, and it was nice when I worked on my old car. And it was big enough to really blow out sprinklers, which I don’t have anymore.

For my current needs I usually default to my little, I don’t know, three gallon or so compressor. But I’ll keep the big one, never know. I even ran a separate circuit for it on a 20A breaker.

My tool chest is an IBM punch card file. Twelve drawers, full suspension, each with two trays. Ugly dark green. Built to last forever.

Bought it, dirt cheap, from my employer when they finally got rid of the last punch cards.

If you can’t picture what I’m talking about, I’ll just take my cane and shuffle along to someone who can.

I can roughly picture that, yes. It’s a long back story, I got my Mac tool box for free some years back, should outlast me.