The last thing you bought on Amazon or eBay

Suicide party?

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2 bricks of dehydrated dirt.

Invited a few people to the Tiny House for Easter Dinner. If the weather’s nice, some can eat outside. If not, I’ve verified we have enough chairs and these will supplement the coffee table and end tables. (Kitchen table will be used for serving.)

New suitcase for a trip I’m taking this week.

Homing pigeons.

For the 26th time.


A fluorite crystal.

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Do you have Swedish dishes?

So yesterday I ordered some Dremel accessories on Amazon, maybe 3:30PM. They arrived at 9:15. What a world.

Went to Farm and Fleet to get windshield wipers. They had the two front ones but the one for the back. Stopped by Walmart and they also didn’t have them. Ordered it on Amazon and had it the next day

“All The Presidents Men” book. Used. $5.
Some The Art of Shaving After-Shave lotions. $15 each (2).
Some Refrigerator water filters $24 for 3.

A box of fidget toys

Ever try Truefitt & Hill shaving products? It’s my gold standard.

OK, I got it on Woot, but I paid via Amazon. Got a Shark Wandvac to keep in the garage for light duty keeping my car clean. They normally go for $100, Walmart often has them for $80, this one is a refurb but it was $48. I’ll take a flyer on that for $48.


16 port POE switch
IP phone.

My office phone was last sold almost 15 years ago. Finally, for some reason, it occassionally doesn’t give me outbound audio - I call someone and they can’t hear me. So I had to sort through current IP phones, and I’m fussy as heck about my headset and headsets are a barf bag of choices on phones (some bluetooth, some 2.5mm jacks, some 3.5mm jacks, some rj9, etc). Finally found one. And the new phones are powered over their internet connection so I have to upgrade the switch in the basement to be “POE” so it provides that power throughout the network.

I just remembered that last night, I remembered we needed something, and bought it on amazon, inside of a dream.

My dream self was like “phew, sure glad I got that out of the way.”

Oh right. It was mayonnaise.

Phew, sure glad I got that out of the way.

More black vinegar, my husband goes through it so quickly, likes to add it to his ramen from Costco.

You referring to that millet/brown rice ramen that comes in the red bag?

Nope, this is a frozen one! We have never tried their dry ramen before, my husband loves this one a lot.

Ah. I was into their dry ramen back when I was wondering if my GI issue was gluten-related (it’s not).

Tasty stuff. I would make one brick (which is technically two servings :grimacing:) with a pack of HerbOx no salt bouillon.

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